Maternity Photoshoot Poses

Pregnancy is a special period for a woman. A lot of changes occur during this time. Changes occur both in the body and soul. You can call this period a transformation time to become a mother from a woman. The Maternity photoshoot, that’s why portrays the love, affection, and joy surrounding the new member of the family.

I love this genre of photography. The joyful faces of parents and their family members also fill my heart with sheer happiness. If you are a photographer preparing for a maternity photoshoot, this article will help you execute a successful event. 

Here I have shared my experience of maternity photography. Also, I have talked with some top maternity photographers. Thus, I came up with the 25+ maternity photoshoot poses you must try in 2023. Without further delay, let’s jump on the main topic. 

25+ Maternity Photoshoot Poses 

A maternity photographer captures the love, beauty, and anticipation of pregnancy. When thinking about maternity photoshoot poses, remember that it’s a celebration of new life growing within the mother. 

Moreover, the parents and child have a special bonding. You just need to capture that beautiful bond. So, show this bonding in the photographs, whatever pose you apply. Here are the 25+ poses that you can try in 2023:

Lean Against A Wall | Maternity Photoshoot

Mother leaning against a wall, Maternity Photoshoot

Mother leaning against a wall is one of the most common maternity poses. Tell the mother to look at her belly. She can also place her hand on the upper side of the abdomen. Remember to choose a wall with a soothing color. You can also change the wall color and texture in post-production. Adding cloth or toys beside the mother can complement the photo.

Classic Baby Bump Embrace | Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Classic baby bump embrace

Baby bump embrace is a classic pose of a maternity photoshoot. Tell the mother to cradle the baby bump with both hands. It symbolizes love, affection, and connection between the mother and baby. 

Show Hobby | Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Show Hobby Maternity Photoshoot

Showing a hobby or the mother’s workplace is one of the best maternity photoshoot ideas. Ask your client about her hobby or if you can photoshoot at her workplace. For example, if your client loves reading books, tell her to pose with that book. The mother can lean against a wall, holding a book with one hand and the other hand on the baby bump

Sunbathing | Maternity Photoshoot Captions


Sunbathing is considered one of the best outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas for outdoor. Also, getting enough sun is vital for the baby. Make sure the mother wears a sunscreen. 

Make Father Kiss The Belly

Father kiss the belly

This simple act beautifully conveys warm emotions, love, and unwavering support. If there are already children in the family, inviting them to participate in the photoshoot and capturing a moment with the entire family gathered around the baby bump will create cherished memories.

Walking Hand-in-hand

Walking hand in hand

The walking hand-in-hand maternity photoshoot pose is a delightful and heartwarming way to capture the expecting parents’ connection and anticipation during pregnancy. In this pose, the pregnant person and their partner walk together, holding hands, while the famous photographer captures the moment from various angles.

Milk Bath Photoshoot | Maternity Photoshoot Poses

Milk bath photoshoot, Pregnancy Photoshoot Pose

An enchanting and imaginative approach to preserving the beauty of pregnancy is through a milk bath photoshoot. The combination of milky water, delicate flowers, and lush greenery evokes a soft and ethereal ambiance, resulting in a dreamy and romantic portrayal of this particular time.

Family of Hands | Maternity Photoshoot Ideas With Family

Family Hands On Belly

The family of hands” maternity photoshoot pose is a heartwarming pose. It is the way to capture the connection and love within the family. In this pose, the expectant mother typically stands or sits, and family members place their hands on her baby bump.

Incorporating Siblings

Incorporating Siblings

If there are older siblings, involve them in the photoshoot to show their excitement for the new addition.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga

Consider a yoga session if you seek beautiful ideas for your maternity photo shoot. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your incredible pregnant body while embracing the beauty and serenity of the practice.

Whispering To The Belly

Whispering to the Belly

With tender affection, the partner softly whispers sweet words to the baby bump, expressing boundless love and anticipation for the little one on the way.

Father Standing Behind The Mother 

Father standing behind the mother

You can achieve dynamic compositions through poses with varying heights. Consider having the future mom sit down gracefully while her partner stands lovingly behind her. Thus you can create a visually engaging and captivating arrangement.

Heart Hands

Heart shape around the belly

Gently forming a heart shape around the belly with their hands. The parents-to-be symbolize their profound and boundless love for the baby, creating a touching and meaningful maternity photo.

Sitting On The Ground

Sitting on the ground

An excellent option for a maternity photoshoot is having the couple seated comfortably on the ground. This pose imbues the pregnancy pictures with a casual, relaxed vibe, creating a fantastic, laid-back atmosphere.

Baby Shoes on Belly

Baby Shoes on Belly

Place tiny baby shoes on the belly. They lovingly signify the imminent arrival of the little one, adding a heartwarming touch to the maternity photo.

Belly With The Baby’s Name

Belly with the baby's name

Adding a personal touch, they write or place the baby’s name on the belly. Thus, you can infuse the maternity photo with heartfelt significance and a sense of anticipation.

Compare Bellies

Compare Bellies

Here’s another delightful idea that involves both parents. Capture a photo of the married couple playfully comparing their bellies. Thus, you can create a candid and lively moment. Include kids in the image to add charm. 

Hold The Belly

Hold the belly

Here’s a variation of the first pose: stand at a 45-degree angle from the camera. This angle beautifully showcases the size of the baby bump. Also, it adds depth and dimension to the photo.

Mom & Dad’s Hands On The Belly

Mom and Dads hands on the belly

Mom and Dad’s hands-on-the-belly is a couple of maternity photoshoot ideas. It is a meaningful way to capture the connection and love between expectant parents. In this pose, the pregnant mother stands or sits comfortably, and both parents place their hands gently and lovingly on the baby bump.

Hold A Sonogram

Hold a sonogram 

Embrace the idea of holding the sonogram in front of the belly. It incorporates the baby’s first picture into your maternity photos, creating a sentimental and cherished keepsake.

Underwater Shoot

Underwater Maternity Shoot

Embark on an underwater shoot that transports you to a mesmerizing world beneath the waves. Here, the mother-to-be can showcase her stunning pregnancy uniquely. Picture her gracefully floating in the water, surrounded by schools of fish, or delicately holding a seashell.

Lying On Grass

Lying on grass maternity, maternity photoshoot dress photoshoot

A “Lying on grass” maternity photoshoot is a beautiful and serene concept. In this pose, the pregnant woman lies down gracefully on a bed of soft, lush green grass, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Parents Holding Their Hands

Parents holding their hands

In your couple’s maternity photoshoot, a picture of the parents holding hands is an absolute must-capture moment. This simple yet meaningful gesture beautifully symbolizes your connection and love during this particular time.

Beach Photoshoot

Beach Maternity photoshoot

An enchanting beach maternity photoshoot encapsulates the essence of summer, with the sun, sand, and surf providing a picturesque backdrop. Capture the beauty of this season by selecting a flowy maxi dress or a swimsuit that accentuates your radiant baby bump. 

Family Shoot | Maternity Photoshoot Ideas For Outdoor

Family shoot, Maternity Photoshoot

A family photoshoot is a heartfelt celebration of joy and love. Incorporating family members into the photoshoot creates a warm and unforgettable experience filled with cherished memories that will be forever treasured.

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Older Child’s Hand On The Belly

Older Childs hand on the belly
An older child’s hand on the belly maternity photoshoot ideas with family is a touching way to include older siblings in welcoming a new baby. The pregnant mother stands or sits, and the older child places their hand gently on the baby’s bump.

Team Jerseys | Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Team Jerseys Pregnancy Photoshoot

Wear matching sports team jerseys. The mom-to-be’s jersey can be customized to show the baby’s due date, or “Mom,” the dad’s jersey can be customized to say “Dad.” Pose together while holding a mini jersey or onesie with the team logo, emphasizing the baby’s future team spirit.

Body Painting Maternity Photoshoot

Body painting maternity photoshoot

A body painting photoshoot offers a one-of-a-kind and artistic celebration of the beauty of pregnancy. During this unique session, the expecting mother’s belly becomes a canvas for a beautiful design or artwork, resulting in a breathtaking and visually captivating display of this magical time.

Use A Ribbon | Maternity Shoot

Use a Ribbon maternity photoshoot

Maternity shoots often incorporate ribbons and fabric to infuse the photos with a dreamy vibe. These elements add an enchanting touch to the pictures. Also, it creates an impulsive atmosphere that beautifully captures the essence of this particular time. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a maternity photoshoot is an exceptional and memorable experience. It beautifully captures pregnancy’s joy, love, and anticipation. These photos celebrate the beauty of the expectant mother and the growing baby bump and preserve the emotions and excitement of this transformative time in a family’s life.

A maternity photoshoot brings each family’s unique story to life as they prepare to welcome their little one. However, you can hire a professional photo editor or clipping path service provider, such as Clipping World, to remove the inconsistencies from the photo. 

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FAQ | Maternity Photoshoot Near Me

When is the best time during pregnancy to schedule a maternity photoshoot?

The best time for a maternity photoshoot is typically between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. The baby bump is well-rounded and prominent at this stage, but the mom-to-be is still comfortable enough to pose for pictures.

What should I wear for a maternity photoshoot?

It’s best to wear something comfortable and flattering. Flowy dresses, maxi gowns, form-fitting tops, and jeans with cute tops are popular choices. Avoid busy patterns and opt for solid colors that complement your skin tone.

Can I include my partner and older children in the photo shoot?

Absolutely! Including your partner and older children in the photo shoot can add a lovely dynamic and showcase the love and connection within the family as you await the new arrival.

What locations are ideal for a maternity photoshoot?

Outdoor locations like parks, gardens, beaches, and natural landscapes can provide a beautiful and serene backdrop. Indoor options, such as a cozy home setting or a studio with creative props, also work well for capturing intimate moments.

Do I need to bring props or accessories to the photoshoot?

Bringing props and accessories that are meaningful to you can add a personal touch to the photos. Items like baby shoes, ultrasound photos, baby clothes, or heirlooms can make the shoot more sentimental.