Quickly and Easily Remove a Background

The quick background remove method is a time-saving operation that has several conditions for a positive result. Also, the method is useful to change the background according to the requirements. Well, these are the real concepts of the editing method. But, the utilization is a little more expanding in the name of the presentation.


The subject whether that is a product or a person is sealed with the background in photos. These Raster format images are difficult to handle to remove the background. On the other hand, photography serves with Raster format so the option to effortless operation is none. But, we can give you some instructions to handle such photos with less effort.

What is Background Removal?

The removal of the existing background from a photo is basically Background Removal. Well, you may have heard the name Photo Background Removal Service for this. The whole operation depends on the complexity of the subject and the background. Also, you need to have good skills in Photoshop tools and techniques to do it well.

Photoshop Tools and Techniques to Remove a Background

The Remove Background Service by Photoshop requires some techniques and the use of some tools. We may not explain them all here in this short tutorial but you can check our blog “How To Make The Background Transparent In Photoshop” for that. Also, you can try, “Image Transparent Background: How And Why” for more. And, there is another selection option called “Color Range” that we will use for this tutorial. Other options you can get from the above-linked articles in this paragraph.

Steps of Quick Background Remove in Photoshop

So, let’s jump into the steps of quick background removal. Technically, the image background removal service runs on four basic steps. And, they are;

  1. The Selection
  2. Selection Modification
  3. Subject Isolation
  4. Finalizing

We will make a good explanation with specific information that gives the steps fruitful results. If you already know the technique, good for you. But, if you are new, this could be magical work that could save you hours of work labor.

work image
Image Source: www.freepik.com

Step 1:The Selection

We have a Raster format image of a beautiful woman with a black outfit. The photograph we have collected from “Freepik”, a large website for free and paid images. Thanks to “Rasool Studios” to provide this amazing photo. We have opened the photo in Photoshop CC2019. You can use other versions as well. But, it is better if you use Photoshop CC2018 or later versions.

We will go to the Photoshop menu Select>Color Range as located in the below image.

selection 1

We are using the fuzziness 40 and selecting the 1st eyedropper to sample once. Next, we select the 2nd eyedropper and sample other places around the subject. In the Color Range window, you will find the selected areas are white. And, the rest are black. Press OK to continue.

selection 2

At this stage, we pick the Quick Selection Tool and will deselect some areas that we need to keep. So, we press and hold Alt/Option and use the tool over the eyes that should not be selected.

selection 3

As there is no place to deselect, we will right-click on the selection and choose Select Inverse. And, this will invert the selection to the subject area only.

selection 4

Step 2: Selection Modification

Now we have the subject selected but wait. The selection process is not completed yet. Well, it is time to modify the selection. We will go to the Photoshop menu Select>Modify>Contract and use the value 1 then press OK.

selection modification 1

We will use the Mask option to hide the background from the whole image. And, this will give us the option to modify the selection.

Selection Modification

Let’s double-click on the mask to open mask properties. We will do some specific changes as located in the below image. Different images may require different values for the options you see here. We are selecting ‘Smart Radius’, ‘Radius’ to 3 px, ‘Smooth’ to 15, and output to ‘Layer Mask’. We press OK to continue.

Quick Background Remove

Step 3: Subject Isolation

As soon as we use the mask option, the subject isolation is also done. But, without the modification, the selection cannot be perfect. And, if the selection is not perfect, you cannot make the isolation properly. Now, we have the subject isolated properly, we can place any background we like. Or, we can keep that transparent if customers ask as it is.

Subject Isolation, Quickly Background Remove Tutorial

Step 4: Finalizing

We add a solid color adjustment layer below the subject layer to make visible the changes. You can use any background that you need for your subject. Make sure the new background matches the subject impression and the purpose to serve. When you are done, save the image to your desired format. Keep a copy saved in PSD format so that you can make modifications if required.

Quick Background Remove Tips

Why Do You Need To Remove A Background?

The whole operation of background check removal service comes with the unavoidable necessity of digitized presentation. Product images need this process for eCommerce presentation without any excuse. Also, portraits need this to change the scenario as required. Marketing or portrait presentation both need this service without any other alternatives.

Conclusion | Quick Background Remove

To conclude Background Removal Service holds a position that you cannot deny showing any logic. Photographic presentation with perfection is highly dependent on this one. And, a quick operation can give your performance a boost. Though we could not explain all the options properly in this short tutorial. But, you can follow our other tutorials to have a better idea. So, try yourself and stay tuned.

FAQ | Quick Background Remove Tips

What is the shortcut to remove a background in Photoshop?

Ans: The shortcut way to remove a background depends on the subject and the background complexity. But, the general procedure is, to select the subject and use Ctrl/Command+J for Win/MAC to copy to another layer. Hide the background layer and you have the subject without a background.

What is the easiest way to remove the background?

Ans: Photoshop has an artificial intelligence option to select the subject and remove the background easily. Also, you can take a free trial to remove the background of a professional if you plan to take the service later.