eCommerce trends are constantly changing. From the tasks of image editing services to marketing strategies, everything gets new every day. The most important strategies today became obsolete the other day. So, keeping up with the trends is tough and crucial at the same time. For these reasons, the big wigs of this industry try to update their business every day with the latest trends.

So, knowing the latest trends in e-commerce is important. In this article, you will get a detailed description of the top e-commerce trends in 2020. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality - eCommerce trends

Augmented Reality (AR) is now a serious game changer once it involves online searching, consider closing the gap of ambiguity. It helps internet buyers visualize the product that they like. No matter whether it’s a covering item or furnishings.

Shoppers will currently see however they might look while carrying a definite item or however nice their home would look with a definite paint color, all before touching the “Buy Now” button. This helps internet buyers overcome the hurdle of not having the ability to ascertain the merchandise’s primary, conveyance comparison searching to a full new level.

Increase in Voice Search

Voice search - eCommerce trends

Loop Ventures predicts that more than 75% of U.S. households will have a sensible speaker by 2025. People are more progressively looking forward to voice assistants. Such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. They do everything from checking the weather to shopping for merchandise online.

Imagine you’re in your room, realizing you’re running low on milk, bread, pet food, and luncheon meat. All of that you’ll order with a straightforward voice command on your voice assistant. It saves time on browsing, getting into your payment, and shipping data.

Therefore the device remembers past purchases, making it terribly simple to repeat the order. you’ll conjointly order takeout whereas you’re at it, whereas ne’er having to touch one screen.

Artificial Intelligence (eCommerce trends)

Artificial intelligence - eCommerce trends

Another crucial trend that is shaping e-commerce is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI will assist the business to know more about the customers. It will automatically save their buying behavior, buying decisions, and shopping records. Because of this, there is an increase in machine learning.

One of the most effective ways of getting more customers is personalizing service. AI will help business owners to redesign their product lines on the basis of personal choices. The companies will be able to connect more customers in a short time.

Another benefit of AI is the help of a chatbot. This keeps the customer connected even when there is no one online to answer customer queries.

Individualized Experience

User experience - eCommerce trends

The user experience is a crucial matter as far as Google rank is concerned. Because of the rising competition, companies are focusing more on the personal experience of the clients.

As mentioned on top, AI is increasing in e-commerce and with a variety of applications. We can use technique AI to assemble data of the visitors. As a result, that will facilitate meeting their needs and desires.

The visitor will think that the company is prioritizing the individual needs of the customers. In the long run, the company will have some loyal customers. Providing individual separate and unique experiences is an ongoing trend in eCommerce.

Mobile Shopping (eCommerce trends)

Mobile shopping

So far, we’ve principally centered on the ways that eCommerce is closing the gap and conveying physical store experiences online. However, there are still several things that eCommerce has au fait in-person retail. One in every one of the clear benefits is the ability to buy from any place.

In 2019, Statista calculates that by the top of 2021, seventy-three of eCommerce sales can manifest itself on a mobile device. Therewith this in mind, you should design your website to exploit a strong responsive style. shoppers ought to be ready to search on their phones even as simply as they’ll on their desktops.

Ecommerce businesses do their best to supply swish user expertise on their eCommerce sites with a variety of payment choices together with e-wallets. China may be a leader in online payment, with WeChat and Alipay each having over one billion users.

Headless And API-Driven Ecommerce

API - eCommerce trends

So far most of the trends on this list are things that the client interacts with directly. However, the backend technical school structure of their favorite online store is perhaps not one thing they’re attentive to — although it’s an enormous result of their overall expertise.

Headless commerce is an answer that permits a store’s eCommerce platform to fully decouple it from the frontend presentation layer. This may enable them to use a CMS, DXP, PWA, or several alternative existing or custom front ends to complete their technical school stack.

However, this may have powerful implications for what the shop is in a position to accomplish with content promoting, SEO, and digital expertise on its front.

Video Response (eCommerce trends)

Video response

In 2019, we saw video-extended conversion rates with sixty-two shoppers’ spoken communication; they watch product reviews before creating a procurement. If you’re not taking advantage of this already, 2020 might be an honest year to start out.

Streaming video on your homepage also can be an eye-catching approach to drawing customers’ attention. Zwift, a fitness app, uses video on its homepage to capture the joy and energy of its product.

Various Payment Methods

Top ecommerce trends

We talked about the expectations around payment choices for mobile. However, customers also are expecting additional and higher payment choices period. For example, once looking from a far-off business they’ll expect to be able to purchase with their favorite native payment supplier. This is particularly one of the most significant eCommerce trends.

Additionally, massive online retailers like Amazon and Walmart accept various kinds of payment methods. They save the customers’ charge and shipping info to form for quick and straightforward checkout expertise while not tons of information entry. Ecommerce websites measure more and more victimization payment choices like Apple Pay, Paypal, and alternative finance choices that modify a resistance checkout.

Subscription Option

Subscription option - eCommerce trends
Top ecommerce trends

Subscription plans have a variety of benefits for retailers. As a result of them creating a subscription option, they can keep the customers coming back to their site. It is easier to predict fulfillment desires and permits you to keep up with customers for a larger future worth.

Some specialists caution that customers’ square measure is probably growing additional conscious of the impact of multiple subscription services on their budgets, in order that there are also additional choices in the future. Retailers adopting this business model within the returning year can get to be cognizant of what makes their specific subscription a requirement.

Growing Ratio of B2B (eCommerce trends)

B2B - eCommerce trends
Top ecommerce trends

The global B2B market in eCommerce is moving solidly upward presently. And sure in the longer term, it will keep growing. World retail eCommerce sales for B2B are expected to achieve $1.1 trillion in 2021, consistent with knowledge from Statista.

As additional B2B businesses move online and existing online businesses hone their offerings, one issue to consider is the ever-changing expectations of B2B consumers.

Forrester predicts that by 2020 virtually 1/2 of all adults will be Millennials, which additionally suggests a rise in the period of time B2B consumers. info Z is setting out to enter the personnel also. These audiences like a less complicated, additional self-serve user expertise that enables them to analyze and acquire the data they have while not rebuking salespeople. eCommerce trends are likely to be like this in the near future.


There’s plenty of 2020 remaining, therefore we’re excited to visualize what new ideas can pop up in eCommerce and retail because the year (and decade!) progresses. However, these are the Top eCommerce trends in 2020 till now.

While these area units have the highest eCommerce trends we have a tendency to see impacting the business, their area unit lots a lot of waiting within the wings for his or her moment. can delivery drones flip the skies into a whizzing buzz of constant commerce? Can identity verification in stores connect with a client looking for knowledge online? Can one-day shipping become the new expectation? Time can tell. We’re excited to visualize what 2020 can bring.