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Hello, photographers! How is your time going? What comes to your mind when you think about portrait photography? Something choppy and gorgeous that will blow up the user’s mind. Suddenly if you notice faceless portraits that will be interesting. It will serve us from different perspectives in the field of photography. Photographers and post-production managers, streamline your workflow with our premium portrait retouching service. Elevate your portrait photography to the next level, ensuring that each image is impeccably edited for a surprising and captivating result for the user.

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eCommerce store owners, enhance your product images with our professional portrait retouching service, making them stand out and drive conversions. Join us for an in-depth discussion on how our service can transform your photography. In this tutorial, we will talk about different tips and tricks regarding faceless portraits. Let’s go for a detailed discussion. 

What Do You Mean By A Faceless Portrait?

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We can describe faceless photography as an innovative way to depict a person. The ideology behind this strategy is to highlight some other elements of the picture and showcase them in a great way. In this way, we can highlight some other’s personalities. 

The impact of the faceless portrait is awesome. There are several ways to highlight an object in an image and the faceless portrait is one of them. From our observation, we have seen that the audience loved this way of presentation.

Different Types of Sub-genres of Faceless Portraits 

Well, “faceless portraits” is a big niche and you can do a plethora of experiments by using this strategy. Some of them will create an illusion and the rest of them will divert the attention of the users to a different direction. 

  1. Outdoor self-portraits are one of the most common faceless portraits. It might help you to create anonymous street photography. 
  2. Now, if you take a faceless portrait shot under the water, it will change the subject in a different direction. 
  3. We can capture macro faceless portraits shot on the shoulder, hair, and some other places. 
  4. Candid and straight portrait photography is always interesting. We can take faceless portraits beside a highway. It might indicate something different and you can highlight some other things. 

How Do You Pose Without Showing Your Face?

Let me give you some quick tips that will help you to make an interesting pose without showing your face. 

  1. Hide your face by using your hand. 
  2. Stay far away from the camera but highlight the objective properly. 
  3. Detect the light source properly and keep your head far away from the camera. 
  4. If you like to make an interesting pose, try to cover your face with your hair. 
  5. Sometimes too much light could hide your face. In that case, you can stand in front of a great light source and hide your face properly. 
  6. Stand in front of a hard object. 
  7. Hide your face by using a flower. It would be a great romantic pose for the couples. 
  8. You can hide your face by using a big leaf and focus on some other elements in the picture. 
  9. You can pose in the middle of a flower garden and hide your face there. 
  10. The back pose is always interesting and it will portray an interesting scenario. 

Different Types of Faceless Portrait Apps for Android and iPhone 

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Now let me give you some quick tips that will help you to convert a normal picture into a faceless portrait. At present it is very easy and you can do that within a minute. Have a close look at the popular mobile apps! 


It is one of the most popular apps for creating faceless portraits for both Android and iOS platforms. Prisma is used for creating various artistic images within a short time. It was launched in 2016 as a free mobile application. You can create different types of faceless portraits as well as “prisma effects” by using this app. 

Initially, it was fully free but currently, you need to pay some amount for its use. However, the user’s opinion is great regarding this app and it has done an excellent job so far. 

Adobe Illustrator Draw 

Let me tell you another popular name for creating faceless portraits. It is a powerful vector-based drawing app for the Android platform. However, there is a problem: the new users cannot download this app. Only old users can use this platform. 

Faceless Portraits
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Procreate Pocket 

The widely used app for creating faceless portraits is the procreate pocket. Currently, thousands of users around the world are using this platform and it has done a tremendous job. It is not a free platform and you need to pay a tiny amount for using this app. It might cost around $13 for professional daily use. However, the output is awesome and the user’s review is great. People are starting to love this platform. 


What Does A Faceless Portrait Do Better Than A Normal Portrait?

It is a very common question among photographers that a faceless portrait creates an impact on the audience and it is severe. Shortly, we can say that a faceless picture will help us to tell the story differently. 

Sometimes a faceless portrait will help the users to deeply understand the facts and story behind this picture. From our observation, we have seen that it will create a surreal effect and eventually, they will create a different atmosphere as well. 

A faceless portrait can draw the attention of the user more quickly than a normal picture. It proves that they are highly effective and we can use them in different commercial platforms. 

How Do You Take An Amazing Faceless Portrait? 

There are several ways to create an interesting faceless portrait and it will be a meaningful picture too. Now, I will tell you some common methods for creating a faceless portrait. 


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It is one of the easiest ways to create a faceless portrait. You can do that easily by using simple photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, paint, Canva, etc. Keep a thing in mind, when you do the cropping try to maintain the mystery. We always love mystery and will implement that in our real life. 

It has to be clear and at the same time, you need to convey a clear message to the audience. if you are in a hurry try this method and I firmly believe, it will be helpful. 


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I like this kind of faceless portrait and it looks fascinating. Interestingly, you do not need additional camera work or anything. In that case, you just have to use the sunlight and that would be enough to demolish the face. Be careful about the light source. It should not be too much dark or too much light that will absorb the image. The focus should be clear. 

Cover Up The Face of Your Subject and Highlight Others 

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If you do not like to highlight your face on the image the easiest way to cover up your face is by using a small hat or anything. It will help you to portray your images in a great way. At the same time, it is stylish and eye-catching. It looks amazing to me. 

Turn Your Back To The Camera 

Turn your back to the camera

It is one of the easiest tips on this list. If you like to hide your face and take a great shot, this one will be an ideal choice. Easily you can hide your face and highlight some other elements in the picture like natural beauty, blue sky, birds, city view, or anything. Try to keep your focus length perfect and maintain the image ratio. 

You Can Change The Perspectives 

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It might seem impossible to you. How can you change the motive of the image in a different direction? It is a bit confusing, right? This picture indicates a woman is moving towards infinity. Yes, it is an iconic picture and by hiding the face the intensity of the picture is becoming more profound and crazy. 

It is almost like an illusion where you can change the minds of your users and eventually, create a different atmosphere. We suggest you take a wide-angle shot from this perspective.

There must be a good light source so that the users can check out every single element within the picture. The faceless portrait is described in a way that there is always a hint for the users and they can think twice about the picture. The mystery behind the picture will always attract users. 

Faceless Watercolor Portrait 

faceless water color picture

Nowadays we have noticed a lot of faceless watercolor portraits and they are highly successful in the arena of commercial perspectives. People loved this format of watercolor design and it had a significant impact on the visitors too. 

For those who are not interested in posing and like to portray themselves differently, faceless watercolor portraits could be an interesting option for themselves. You can keep it as a family frame. There are several mobile apps and software available at the moment and you can use any of them. 

Have a close look at the above picture! It looks amazing! It represents the ancient scenario and their family bonding. They are together like a happy family. The watercolor faceless portrait is like an innovation that represents modern faceless portraits. 

Now Let Me Give You A Brief Idea Regarding Family Faceless Portraits 

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If you closely look at all the pictures above you can understand how colorful it is! A faceless image can be more inclusive than a traditional image and it turns on curiosity. It tells us the story behind their chemistry, bindings, and so many things. You can do it with a white background or any other background you wish. 

Sometimes you can take faceless family portraits with a natural scenario. That will change the motive of the image in a different direction. Faceless family portraits can be used for family parties, art museums, or any other commercial purposes.

It can be done by using advanced camera features or different software.

Final Few Words | Faceless Family Portraits 

I firmly believe that all these tips will help you to take smart faceless portraits. If you practice more it is very much possible to take your skill to the next level. Try to make the image realistic and interesting too otherwise it will not fulfill the commercial perspectives. While using different software for taking faceless portraits I suggest you use the premium version as it will give you the more specific image that you are looking for. 

Highlighting the subject and object is highly essential while you are doing this. Always try to increase the intensity of the picture and make it a colorful one. 

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How do I turn a photo into a faceless portrait quickly? 

I suggest you use different types of software for making a normal photo into a faceless portrait. Try using “procreate pocket” and it will deliver you the best quality output that you are looking for. 

Why is faceless art popular? 

In short, it will give you an intense feeling that will turn on your curiosity to learn further. A faceless portrait will give the audience a clear and strong message in a different style. 

What is the meaning behind faceless portraits? 

Faceless portraits not only connect the audience but also connect a certain demographic arena. Eventually, it has significant commercial advantages for the entrepreneur.