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  • September 20, 2022
  • MD Ashraf Uddin Noyon
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Most Horrifying Ugly Shoes Ever in the World

Are you looking for the most ugliest shoes of all time? Sometimes we look for the ugliest pair of expensive shoes for a special occasion like a family party, outdoor photoshoot, birthday photoshoot, marriage ceremony, summer vacation party, etc. We have done a lot of research regarding this issue and eventually made the list of the most horrifying exotic ugly shoes in the World. Please have a look! 

Why are Ugly Shoes Popular? 

Ugly shoes are trendy among men, women, and kids. Even the wealthiest society in the country loves to wear it on special occasions. The exciting thing is that when someone looks at them, they will be crazy about them.

The answer is that we always love the amazing things around us. I believe this is one kind of excitement in our minds. In our real lives, we like to be something special to someone.

Different Types of Ugly Shoes in the World

There are several types of ugly shoes present this year, 2022. Let me tell you the most common ugly shoes people try on a typical occasion. 

  • Ugly dad shoes 
  • Ugly casual shoes 
  • Balenciaga ugly shoes
  • Horrifying ugly sneakers 
  • expensive, ugly shoes.
  • Yeezy ugly shoes
  • Nike ugly shoes
  • new balance ugly shoes

Let’s Discuss The 61 Ugliest Shoes in the World

01. “Shoe In” Sculptures by Gwen Murphy

a horror ugly shoe, Sculptures by Gwen Murphy

It looks ugly and horrific. I believe it could be a smart choice for a night party. When you move out for a night party and like to give a pleasant surprise to your closest friends, this one can help you a lot.

In my opinion, it looks like a ghost. Children can be frightened to see it, so be careful while choosing it. You can order it from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. 

02. Lustige Schuhe | An Excellent German Company 

Lustige Schuhe, crocodile eye shoe

It looks like an animal. On the front side of the shoe, we see rotten teeth and an eye that looks like a crocodile. However, wearing it in front of the little ones is not a good idea. You can experiment with it with your lover, girlfriend, closest friends, etc.

03. Balenciaga’s Ugly Shoes

Balenciaga's brand shoe, ugly shoes

Balenciaga' brand shoe, ugly shoes

These two have different types of shoes, and they are interesting too. The first one is an actual ugly shoe with a nasty look, and the second one is hard to wear. However, if you like to experience something exceptional, go for it. You will enjoy a different taste as well. 

04. Sling-Shot Shoes | Designer: Kobi Levi

Gulti shoes, batul shoes, ugly shoes

The “ugly shoe picture” was taken from a shoe design competition, entirely different from others. It was made with a hard stick. I do not think it is comfortable to wear for an unconventional party. 

05. Billy Bob’s Big Old Hairy Feet Costume Novelty Slippers, Large


Billy Bob's Big Old Hairy Feet, bad looking shoes

Billy Bob’s Big Old Hairy Feet Costume Novelty Slippers look ancient to me. You can wear it for fun. It can be a good pair of shoes that you can wear and walk on the sea beach, at your home, Halloween party, or even you can wear at a party on the 31st night party. I hope you will feel the vibe and enjoy yourself with your favorite person.

06. Bird Talon Costume Feet | Ugly Shoes Ever

most exotics Bird Feet shoe, horror shoes

It looks horrific like a bird’s feet. At first glance, you will be shocked whether it is a shoe. Later on, if you look closely, you will realize that it is a shoe. It can be a surprise gift for your birthday party.

07. Bloch Dance Women’s Performa Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe

woman bra shoes, Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe

It was made for women. If you have a large foot and are fond of pink color, this one will be perfect for you. It can be used within the home or at a night party. This one will be perfect if you are looking for comfortable ugly shoes.

08. Jeffrey Campbell: Ugly heels

Block hill bootie shoe, Block hill for party shoes

It was one of the most exciting and ugliest shoes on this list. You can use it for parties like holiday parties, Halloween parties, outdoor BBQ parties, long drives with your friends, etc. I hope you will love it. 

09. A Snake-shaped Crazy Shoe

snake shoe, most dangerous snake shoes

It is not available in different online marketplaces. However, if you need something horrible to make fun of with your closest person, this one will be an ideal solution. The Snake shoe is exceptional, and after wearing this shoe, you will enjoy a feel of the ghost world. 

10. A Burger Shoe | Ugly Heels

burger shoes, food burger shoes

How does it look if your hill is looking like a burger? It will be a new experience for you. If you are a food lover and like to experiment with your shoes and dress, wear this burger hill. You can wear it at a BBQ party, food festival, fashion shows, and some unusual exclusive photoshoots. 

11. The Ugly Heel with Cartoon Poster 

cartoon ugly shoes, cartoon female shoe

It is stylish, iconic, engaging, and different in design. We suggest you wear it for a commercial photoshoot. Again, for an outdoor photoshoot as a model, it is incredible. However, this ugly heel is not suitable for regular use.

12. A Chicken Shoe | Ugly Heels

chicken shoe, very funny chicken shoe

How does it look when your shoe looks like a chicken? Yeah, this is interesting. The user can describe it as a source of fun too. We suggest you wear it at a food festival or a reality show. If you would like to have it, then order it online.

13. A Shoe That is Identical To The Cow Leg

cow leg shoes for woman, ugly heelAre you an animal lover and like to experiment with your clothes and shoes? The cowboy boot is abnormal and looks completely different from any other traditional shoe on the market. It was found in the virtual museum, and the price was over $500. 

14. Chain Shoes Win Shoemania 2009 Competition

crazy chain shoes, crazy shoes

This shoe was designed for both women and men; the female version looks almost identical to a black high-heeled pump with chains hanging down the sole like heels. The male version can be described as loafers wrapped in rusted brown chains. It can be used as a showpiece. We are not suggesting you use it if you love to collect excellent pieces.

15. A Scorpion shoe | Costa Magarakis

scorpion dangerous shoe, scorpion shoes

Have you ever seen a shoe that is identical to a Scorpion? Yes, the above shoe is like that. It was made in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was created as the symbol of the most delicate art and culture.

16. Ellie Shoes Women’s Gogo-g Chelsea Boot | Ugly heel 

Ellie Shoes Women for fashion,

This one is considered one of the most exclusive shoes for women. I love it for its complete design. The price could be around $500-$1k.

17. Men’s Green Flashtrek Leather & Mesh Sneaker

most expensive ugly shoes, expensive shoes

You can go for this one if you have a budget of over $1,500 or more. This one looks fantastic and enticing to me. However, it is not recommended for regular use; you can use it for a special photoshoot, family party, etc. 

18. Nicholas Kirkwood’s Hacker-inspired Kicks | Cable Wire Shoe

Exclusive summer shoe, wire shoes

A British designer designed it as a fashion shoe. I firmly say the design was iconic and aesthetic too. 

19. Funny Characters Created Using Found Objects and Fruits by Francesco Marzetti

most exotic shoes ever, Francesco Marzetti

Francesco Marzetti designed this one, which is considered one of the most creative inventions of the last decades. its a sculpture of old retro shoes. work boots. metal sculpture with two boots with laces. This is an old traditional shoe that can be stored as a showpiece. It was designed by Francesco Marzetti. However, it is not a conventional shoe to wear regularly.

20. Freak-Shoe Friday Is That An Octopus On My Heel?

Freak , Shoe Friday , Octopus On My Heel

I love this design, and it looks interesting to me. It looks like an octopus. However, it is not for regular use. It can be used in a fashion show or as a traditional showpiece.

21. Crocodile Shoes

most dangerous look shoes, crocodile shoes

At first glance, you will be shocked to see it. The crocodile shoe looks horrific to me. The shoe color and design are attractive and can be used in a fashion show.

22. Corn Cob Food Shoes for Fashion

Corn Cob shoe for fashion, food shoes

If you are a foodie person, this design will look like heaven. However, children will love this design. 

23. Middle Finger Shoe | A Shoe With An Attitude!

middle finger shoe, attitude shoes

Do you ever think that a shoe will describe your personality and attitude? Yes, this one is called the shoe with an attitude. It is exceptional, and you will not find a match for this shoe. 

24. Padders Ladies Heeled Ugly Fashion Shoes | A funny shoe

Padders Ladies Heeled ugly, ugly fashion shoes

This one is starting to look like a cartoon. Here you will enjoy a shoe with some ornaments and some pockets too. 

25. Andre Perugia and the Fish Shoe

Andre Perugia and the Fish Shoe, fish shoes

The famous André Perugia fish shoe was showcased in New York (September 1955), along with nine other shoes, as part of an art-inspired collection. The Picasso sandal was also featured (not to be confused with the cubist sandal.) And this comes from a verified source.

Perugia was like a wizard, but the technology was not there to develop such a heel. Like many things on the net, without control, the flawed source was likely – otherwise valuable.

26. Insane Fashion for Crocodile Shoes

most dangerous crocodile shoe, crocodile heels

I must say it is the ugliest shoe ever on this list. I have never seen such an ugliest crocodile shoe in my life. We suggest you wear it at a BBQ party or an outdoor photoshoot. 

27. Jump To Bouncy for Sports Outdoors | The Sports Shoe

jump to bouncy shoes for sports, jump shoes

This one will be a blessing if you are a sports lover and like to exercise. We suggest you use it for an early morning exercise.

28. Cakehead Loves Evil Shoes

Cakehead loves evil shoes, evil shoes

It looks gigantic, horrific, and exclusive. The teeth are awkward, and at first glance, they will threaten you. Though it seems uncomfortable, it can be a good showpiece as well. 

29. Cowboy Crocodile Shoes | Ugliest Shoe Ever 

Cowboy crocodile shoes, crocodile heels

Though it looks awkward, it can be a good pair of shoes while working in the field. When you are cultivating different crops on the field, you can use them. Simultaneously, it can be compelling and exciting too.

30. Adorable Rubber Boot Dog for HomeStyles

HomeStyles Boot Buddies Sophie, Rubber Boot Dog shoes

If you are a genuine dog lover and like to experiment with your attire, this one will be an intelligent choice. It is made of plastic and is not a regular shoe to wear. You can wear it once in your lifetime. 

31. High-heeled Wild Horse Gun Shoes

High-heeled wild horse gun shoes, horse gun shoes


It consists of a horse-shaped gun. I think it will be challenging to handle when walking as it is not smooth and causes you pain in your feet. However, as a showpiece, it could be fantastic. 

32. Camel Toe Shoes | Ugly Heel

Camel toe heels, Camel toe shoe

This one is brown and looks like a camel shoe. I love this unique and aesthetic design. Those who love to do some experiments with shoes can use them. 

33. A Glass Shoe

ice glass shoe, glass heels for woman

This one is a plastic shoe that looks like glass. In my opinion, it is the ugliest, rarest, and most exceptional shoe right now. 

34. Marc Jacobs Shoes

Marc Jacob shoe for party

Marc Jacobs’s shoes are colorful, enthusiastic, and charming too. It can be used in a fashion or ramp walk. We suggest you wear it on a special occasion.

35. Marc Jacob Shoe Spring | Expensive Shoes

Marc Jacob shoe spring shoes

Again, this one’s for you if you love something with an exceptionally ugly heel. Its colorful and exotic appearance will attract anyone.

36. Nike Flesh Shoe | Ugliest Shoe Ever

most horrifying sneakers shoes, horrifying shoe

Though the appearance of this shoe is horrific, it can be comfortable for users. This one is expensive, and you have to pay more than $500 for this shoe. 

37. Nike Pink-colored Ugly Shoe

nike ugly shoes, nike shoes

Nike pink-colored shoes are special to me. I love it for its beautiful design and great outlook. However, this is an expensive shoe, and you must pay more than $500 to buy this product. 

38. Octopus Shoe

octopus shoe, octopus fish shoe

Let me introduce you to another exciting shoe that looks like an octopus. We do not suggest you use it for children. It can be a home sneaker or a fashion show.

39. Ornament Shoe | Best Ugly Heel

Ornament Shoe, most expensive shoes

 I think it is one of the most excellent shoes on this list. This ugly heel looks stunning in design. I would prefer you to buy it for an anniversary or wedding party.

40. Storytelling Shoes An Artist Transforms Shoes into Sculptures That Tell A Tale

Storytelling Shoes Artist transforms shoes

This shoe is used for the exhibition. Such a nice shoe to watch. Great artistic work to enjoy for the users. 

41. Paper Mache Fish Shoe

Paper Mache shoes. Fish Shoe

It looks like a fish with some innovation. They provide lips, eyes, and a horn. The design is considered almost like a cartoon character. 

42. Philip Garner High Heel Roller Skate Shoe

Philip Garner high heel roller skate, Philip Garner high heel r

A shoe with a wheel and rope in front looks like a fusion. We can use it on an excellent showpiece at our home.

43. A Rat Shoe | The Ugliest Shoe in History

ugly rat shoes, most exotic heels

Don’t you be frightened to see the picture? It looks horrible and horrific. It could be a great choice if you like to surprise someone.

44. Paw Heels Scary Shoe

Scary nail shoe, ugly scary shoes

Again, we have introduced you to a horrific teething shoe. It looks like a ghost with a couple of teeth ahead.

45. A Shoe With Money

shoe with dollar, most expensive heels

It is a multiple-layered shoe with jaws in the foot area and some fake notes on the middle side. From a distance, it looks like you are walking with the money. 

Now Let Me Tell You Different Types of Memes for Ugly Shoes

46. An Ugly Shoe Icon with A Human Foot Design 

ugly shoes meme female leg fingers

This shoe’s structure is a female nail-shaped human foot design. It looks sexy, charming, and golden transference. In particular, these shoes are used for feminine women. How to classify this, if it’s a pair of shoes or a pair of adjustable pants with shoes, either way, it’s pretty ugly.

Do you have any ideas !! I have the solution. So that women do not remove their nail polish using the ordinary female cute nail shoe shape.

47. A Leakage Sandal Meme

A leakage Sandals meme

These shoes are made of plastic, Like some polythene and rubber materials. Impoverished people use these shoes. It is mainly known and famous for funny memes on social media and online platforms.

Generally, These are known as the Chapel of Subconscious people like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. It looks pretty ugly with simple, easy to use, and homely comfortable.

48. Ugly Shoes Meme With A Duck Sandal

Ugly shoes meme with a duck sandal

These pairs of ugly shoes look like a golden star with a duckleg shape. It isn’t as lovely as usual shoes but a very comfortable pair of sneakers for fashion and night parties. But these sneakers are primarily known for memes, funny shows, comedy, occasional festivals, and family outdoors funny stage shows.

49. Ugly Shoe Meme With Dwayne

Ugly shoe meme with Dwayne

These memes can be used as a showpiece or for a special occasion in our lives. However, sometimes we can use it as a regular life shoe. This shoe is covered with Dwayne’s face. 

50. An Uncomfortable, Ugly Shoe With A Stick 

metal spike nail shoes, nail shoes

It is not for regular use. We must say this one is super uncomfortable and awkward to wear these shoes.

51. Cartoon Shoe

ugly cartoon shoes, cartoon heels, ugly heel

It was made for children. The lighting, design, and sound are enticing to the little kids.

52. The shoe with an attitude

ugly heels, ugly shoe, Unique ugly shoe

Again, it looks like a cartoon to me. It is one of the prettiest heels on this list.

53. “Tree Ugly shoe” | Ugliest Shoe Ever

tiny garden ugly shoes

This shoe is divided into two parts; the lower parts of the shoe are trees with flowers, and the upper part is for the feet. It looks unique to me.

54. Western Disaster

Western disaster shoes

It looks like a bird to me. One of the most iconic shoes in Western fashion. Though it is not ready for regular use, the look is pretty awesome.

55. Yeezy Ugly Shoe

yeezy brand ugly shoes, yeezy brand shoes

We suggest you wear it regularly. As it is a renowned brand and the quality is excellent. It is comfortable too.

56. A Duck-Shaped Shoe | Ugly Shoe 

duck shoes, very funny ugly shoes

It looks like a duck to me. We can use it in a museum or showpiece. Duck shoes are not usable in regular life.

57. Guo Pei at Couture Spring

Guo Pei at Couture Spring shoes

The Guo Pei shoes were made for elite people. It is colorful, aesthetic, and gorgeous too. 

58. Trimfit Women Trimfit Girls’ Rainbow Plush Fuzzy Paw Slippers

Trimfit women Trimfit Girls' Rainbow Plush Fuzzy Paw Slippers

The Trimfit girl’s shoe is a good choice for indoor use. It is soft, and the outlook is gorgeous. 

59. Ugly Shoes for Mummies?

ugly shoes for mummy

Let me introduce you to the ugly shoe for mummies. It is made for kids and looks adorable to me. 

60. The Original Fish Slippers

The Original Fish Slippers shoes

It looks like a river fish and could be an exciting item to wear home. The fish shoe looks cute to me.

61. SPHERE Peter Pop Shoe

SPHERE peter pop shoe for jump, jump shoes, peter popps

The Sphere Peter Pop shoe is widely used for exercise purposes. It can be an excellent choice for early morning exercise. 

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Final Few Words | Ugliest Shoe Ever 

I hope you will love this list of ugly shoes in the world. People from different nations have different tastes, and their culture is also different. If we closely look at those shoes, we can feel their taste and passion. For more informative articles like this, please e-mail us at 


Why Do You Like To Wear Ugly Shoes? 

Wearing an ugly shoe will make you different from others. Again, it will reflect your personality too. 

Which One is the Ugliest Shoe in the World? 

I think the original fish slippers are the ugliest shoes in the world.