Best Fall Photoshoot Ideas

55 Best Fall Picture Ideas For Photoshoots

Fall Picture Ideas For Photoshoot!! Photography in the fall is a beautiful experience. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and a variety of yellow, orange, red, and brown hues create a warm atmosphere. Fall is a fantastic season for photographers. Your models shine in the warm golden light. Your backgrounds appear beautiful because of the rich fall colors.

Overall, this time of year is excellent for trying out new fall picture ideas. If you want to have a fall photoshoot for your Instagram account or any of your other social media accounts, having fall photoshoot ideas can help. We’ve compiled a list of 55 fall photoshoot ideas that will inspire you to grab a camera and start shooting.

List Of 55 Fall Photoshoot Ideas

1. Sit Or Stand In The Centre Of A Road for Fall Picture Ideas

sitting on the road picture idea

Fall pictures taken in the countryside, in the midst of nowhere, are the best. Place yourself on a stretch of road surrounded by mountains or forests if there are no automobiles, and ask your friend to snap some photos.

2. Leaves  All Around

lying-in-the-leaves picture ideas

This fall photography concept is lovely if you’re looking for something artistic and unique. If there are a lot of fall leaves around, take a picture while sitting or lying in them. The autumn colors of the foliage will give the photographs a wonderful autumn vibe. This shot is also ideal for your fall picture ideas to draw for Instagram!

3. In The Woods

fall picture ideas

Woods or forests are very ideal for fall photoshoots. You can get incredible photographs on a bright day. Choose a place where there are a lot of trees and we suggest walking through the fallen leaves. In addition, the fall sweater can add a festive and adorable gesture.

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4. Near Water

autumn picture ideas

If there is indeed a lakeside or a river near you or simply a body of water surrounded by trees and wildlife, this is a great location for fall photography. The water will give a wonderful feeling of serenity to your pictures and the accompanying trees and grass will lend the falling flare to make your session very seasonal.

5. Play With Leaves

picture ideas with leaves and flowers

Who says kids can only engage in leaf-related activities in fall photography? You can do it, too! This fall photography may also be done with your sibling or a close friend. The idea is perfect for the occasion and will highlight your youthful side.

6. On A Rail Track

on-rail-roads picture ideas

Pretend you’re on the cover of a dark and gloomy country record.  We’re kidding, of course. In certain ways, yes. Your fall photoshoot will appear gloomy and fantastic if you wear a warm jacket with a colorful outfit.

7. Fall Picture Ideas With Pumpkins

funny-pumpkins summer photoshoot ideas

Pumpkins scream fall more than anything else. Use pumpkins in your photograph and arrange them in whatever way you choose. You can even wear them as a hat! Or give them a funny look just like the above picture to make a fun photo shoot.

8. Lean On A Tree For Support

lean on tree seasonal picture ideas

Trees are usually a wonderful choice for a picture. They’re ideal for leaning on or around for the perfect shot. Trees make for excellent autumn photoshoots, especially when the leaves in the surrounding are changing colors. This is one of the greatest photography ideas for the fall season!

9. Use A Fence

fall photoshoot ideas

A fence is a fantastic background or prop for a fall photograph. A wooden fence, in particular. It has a country, autumn feels about it that will look great in photographs. You can even try it on a farm. They give another appeal to the fall pictures.

10. Lay On The Leaves


If you enjoy laying amid the leaves, do so for some fun, colorful photos. Give this fall photoshoot concept a try if you’re searching for some great headshots. You can even creatively use the leaves several times to make the photographs more interesting. Make an eye patch with the leaves or try any creative ideas with leaves that come to your mind.

11. Lost In A Corn Maze

corn maze photoshoot idea

Cornstalk mazes are popular during the Halloween season, but how about a cornfield for a fall photoshoot? They look fantastic on camera and contribute to the whole autumn mood. The grey color of the cornfield adds a creepy but attractive gesture to the model.

12. In A Pumpkin Patch

photography ideas in fall season

Another of our suggestions was to include pumpkins in one of our concepts. Why not go to a pumpkin farm and do a photo session there? It’s a lot of fun and festive! The pumpkins give a colorful background and convey the flavor of autumn to make it more relevant and beautiful.

13. Pumpkin In The Air

pumpkin-in-the-air photography

Fall pictures with pumpkins are always great. You can use the pumpkin as a prop in many ways. If you want to get some movement in your photo you can throw a pumpkin in the air and take a photo. Though it might be tough to take a good photo on the first attempt. But if you succeed then you will have a lifetime fall photograph.

14. Match With Nature

picture with umbrella

Get a matching dress with the trees or leaves. Throw on a colorful dress and use some props just like they used an umbrella in this picture. While taking the photos we suggest using the zoom lens. As you all know that zoom lenses make the surrounding appear bigger than usual to give the photo an intense look.

15. Create Storybook Vibes

pumpkin patch photography

Wear a beautiful outfit while surrounded by pumpkins to channel the Disney princess look! This type of pose makes you look like a queen in the photos. In addition, you can even try a gothic or Halloween look to give the picture an extra twist.

16. Fall Picture Ideas Sitting On A Garden Cart

couple photography ideas in fall season

If you go to an apple orchard or a pumpkin field and there are garden carts available, they make great props! Garden carts make for great fall photoshoots, whether you have 2 persons in it (one dragging, one riding) or are in a single photo. These are fun photographs and can make you smile for years while looking at the photo.

17. Embracing The Fall While Sitting


If you come upon a place that is framed by fallen leaves, you’ve scored big! A photograph taken here will be priceless! Sit in the center of the street, dance in the middle of the road, or simply stand there! It’s the autumn colors that make your picture so beautiful!

18. Make an A-frame With Leaves

frame-with-heart-cut photoshoot

You probably should take scissors with you in the next fall photoshoot if you come across a beautiful fallen leaf! You may cut a heart, circle, or triangle out of it to use as a frame for your picture. This natural frame gives the picture a natural flavor while making the photo more beautiful.

19. In The Sunflower Field

photoshoot on the sunflower garden

Use the seasonal flower to make your photos aesthetic. Sunflowers are seasonal so take the best advantage of the month of September and October to take brilliant photos. Even some pumpkin patches have sunflower fields and you can easily cover up to two autumn feels at the same place. Combine the two things for the perfect social media photos, fall, and flowers!

20. Using Smoke Bombs

smoke-bomb photography ideas

Get a Halloween look and make it more appealing by safely using smoke bombs. Smoke bombs photography brings some ethereal, whimsical feelings into your pictures! With some photo retouching, these images can be excellent and can make your friends crazy about the idea.

21. Include Pets

photoshoot with pet in the fall season

Pets are excellent companions not only in life but also during photography sessions. They significantly enhance any image, making it more vibrant and memorable. You will feel comfortable throughout the session if you have a dog or cat around, resulting in realistic pictures.

22. Dance To Your Heart

dancing on the fall season

For couples this photo pose is amazing. Feel nature and share a lovely moment with your partner while slow dancing. This will make the photo appear more natural and realistic. You can tell the photographer to throw some fallen leaves creatively using the leaves or to keep something colorful in the background to make the photo glow.

23. Forest Path

forest-path photoshoot in fall

A simple walk through the forest may lead you to the most beautiful leaves and fall picture opportunities at every turn. Don’t be discouraged if the fall leaves around you don’t seem to be as vibrant as this. Photographers often change the hue and saturation of leaves in their photographs to make them seem even more fall-like!

24. In Apple Orchard

apple garden photoshoot ideas in fall

Going to an apple orchard is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of autumn. All things apple have a soothing effect throughout the fall season. Apple cider, hot apple pie, and even apple bobbing are all good ideas.

If you want to take some beautiful fall pictures, an apple orchard is a great location to go. You’ll also be able to take home all of your tasty props (apples)!

25. Fall Flowers

wedding photography with flowers in fall season

When you think of flowers, you usually think of spring, but autumn has its fair share of beautiful blossoms as well. Rich jewel tones, rich burgundies, and golden yellows are all anticipated in fall flowers. Any autumn picture would profit from the addition of fall blossoms. Fall flowers may be utilized as simple and attractive props.

26. Leaf Skirt Pose


Leaf skirts are another popular fall photo idea that has been circulating on Instagram. There are two ways to make these images. To begin, have a buddy photograph you while holding a leaf in front of you. If you’re using a camera, this one is a little more difficult since either you or the leaf will be fuzzy.

This autumn photo idea works well with a phone camera. Taking a picture of your hand holding out a leaf and the second one of you posing is an even simpler method to accomplish it.

27. Leaf Wings

leaf-wings photoshoot ideas

You can do a number of different fall photography ideas using leaves, and this one is identical to the one above. You’ll hold two leaves out like angel wings instead of one leaf as a skirt. This pose can be creative in many ways and gives the photo an amazing appearance. 

28. Leaf Umbrella Of Fall

leaf-umbrella amazing photography ideas

This is a time-consuming yet very creative autumn photography concept. Take an umbrella and glue or tape leaves on it until the whole umbrella is covered. You may also simply cover the umbrella’s edge with leaves if you want to make things a bit simpler. This method will save you a lot of time!

29. Fall Picnic Setup


Arranging autumn picnic photography is a great idea for fall photography sessions. Although setting up a picnic atmosphere takes a little longer due to all of the decorations and food required, people love these kinds of photos! It’s well worth the time and effort.

You may use a variety of items to create an autumn-themed picnic photo. To get you started, consider the following suggestions: Pumpkins, apples, candles, cozy knits, and flowers, to name a few.

30. Artistic Approach With Leaves


There are numerous ways to incorporate fallen leaves into your photos. Although I’m sure it would be a lot of work and time-consuming, the final result of laying the leaves out in this pattern is beautiful. It’s several creatively use the leaves of the most creative fall photography ideas.

31. Pumpkin Head Pose


No one can deny how cute these pumpkin head photos are, and they’re very easy to make. Some people cut holes in the pumpkin’s bottom and slip their heads inside. But here’s a tip: you can just hold the pumpkin in front of your face, which is much simpler!

32. Leaf Crown


Sometimes in fall photography it totally depends on the photographer how the picture will be in the end result. The more creative the photographer the more unique the picture will result in. Leaf crown is one of those creatively fresh ideas to enhance the beauty of fall photos. 

33. Fall Swing


Put on your best autumn outfit, a beautiful pair of shoes, and head to the closest tree-lined outdoor swing. It’ll make for lovely and enjoyable fall photography. Colorful autumn flowers and leaves may be used to adorn the swing.

34. Foggy Fall Morning


Use the fresh autumn morning air to your favor, and use the foggy, gloomy, gray mornings to create a chilly, dreary mood for your fall photography. This pose can be done solo or with a partner. Walking through the foggy paths full of fallen leaves gives an artistic look to the photo.

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35. Take a Fall Hike


It should come as no surprise that going deeper into the woods may lead to some spectacular autumn photography locations. Whether you go into the mountains, walk around a small lake, or visit a national park, you’ll undoubtedly discover a variety of great photo opportunities.

36. Road Trip


Another excellent picture of an autumn road may be seen here. For a picture like this, a wide-angle lens is ideal since it allows you to catch as much of the landscape as possible! This road trip atmosphere ensures that fall has arrived, and you may experiment with the backdrops according to your creativity.

37. Use Props


From autumn flowers to leaves, here is another fun and creative fall photography idea utilizing props! Even something as basic as an old camera and a bunch of apples makes for excellent autumn picture props. Shots shot outdoors look fantastic, but with an unusual prop, you may transform them into really attention-grabbing pictures. For instance, bring the antique picture frame and ask the models to pose behind it.

38. Playing Kids


Fall family pictures don’t necessarily have to feature everyone in the family. This is a fall picture idea for toddlers. For a few photos, you may simply concentrate on youngsters. There’s no need to ask them to pose; just capture them playing and having a good time. This can also be a great memory for the kids when they grow up.

39. Go Halloween


You can not have Halloween without creepy photos and Halloween is the perfect time for fall photoshoots. Put on some Halloween costumes and make your children’s treat or treat memorable for the rest of their lives. These pictures are fun and keep a good memory for the family.

40. Highlight Fall Element


To include additional autumn components in fall photography ideas, consider photographing from a broader angle than normal. Like, split the shot into halves. For the bottom half, take a photo of subjects from the waist and above. For the upper part, take a photo of a fall aspect, such as a tree with bright leaves. As a consequence, you will establish a balance in the picture.

41. Fall Sweetness


When it’s cold outside, it’s so wonderful to enjoy a cup of tea with some treats! And this may be another option for your fall picture challenge. But don’t be limited solely by Halloween aesthetics and theme! Homemade cakes and sweets fashioned like leaves and acorns will create a memorable environment.

42. In A Park With Family


A nearby park is a great place to execute some fall picture ideas for the family. The fallen leaves and surrounding trees create a vibe of a safe place. Select a perfect corner to take the photos. Try to take photos as naturally as possible. Candid photos can get you the best final results.

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43. Autumn Bicycle


Bicycling through fall lanes is such a great experience! Enlist the help of a friend or a close individual to accompany you on your bike and take photos. You can even decorate your bicycle with flowers and other fall elements. Adding fall elements can increase the details of the photo.

44. Feet In The Leaves


The sea of multicolored leaves under one’s feet is an attractive photo op at any time of year, but this one is probably the most popular of the fall season. For more to do in the photo, you can have some leaves in your hands to make it more creative and lucrative. This is a very easy yet popular idea and you can do it by yourself.

45. Family Rambling


The entire family out for a walk in the lovely autumn countryside with natural lighting will produce great photos. You may utilize a number of beautiful fall photo ideas, such as shooting from different angles, having small children sit on the shoulders of their parents, and taking separate photos of the mother and daughter or the father and son. Keep such images candid by simply avoiding eyes staring at the camera.

46. Sitting In A Leaf Covered Place


In order to take photos like this you need to find a place full of fallen leaves. Ask your model to sit comfortably. You can use long shoes, bags, and sweaters to give the fall vibe. Now shoot your subject with a shallow depth of field which will result in fading the leaves on the background and making the model more focused. 

47. Drinking Something


It is always a good idea to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of apple juice, particularly in autumn. Add some hot coffee or apple juice as a picture prop and ask your model to take a sip of some of it in the frame. Such beverages provide a wonderful fall atmosphere. You take your bestie or sibling and choose a beautiful place nearby a river or a restaurant to get some wonderful results.

48. Show Your Home Decor


Take a cup of coffee and give your room a perfect fall look. Decorative rooms are very attractive to see. You can use props like fall fruits, and candles. Adding some colorful lighting can give a golden effect to your photo.

49. Fall Themed Movie Night


Show off your perfect decor and your decorative fireplace. Put on some socks, and wear those colorful pajamas with all those halloween decorations. This really is a wonderful concept for both inside and outside! (The outside edition contains a screen and projector, camping blankets, cushions, and typical autumn decorations.)

50. Fall Flatlays


It’s a simple way to begin your photography explorations since you don’t need much to take such photos. Choose any surface with an interesting texture (e.g., a wooden tabletop or stone sidewalks) as a background and arrange lovely fallen leaves and other “gifts” of this colorful season as you like. These are great for fall picture wallpapers.

51. Warm Up

warm up couple photography ideas in fall

This is a perfect pose for the couples. Tell your models to be close and wipe them up with a cozy blanket. Tell your other model to hold her from the back and give a little kiss to her chick. This makes the photo appear romantic. 

52. Surrounded With Pumpkins


People just like pumpkins, so this is one of the most popular and fan-favorite autumn photography ideas. This type of photo can boost your social media reach instantly. But while doing so be careful with the pumpkins you are holding.

53. Mix Up With The Nature

mix-up-with-nature photoshoot in fall

You may use real or fraudulent ones, of course. But, with so many bright hues and interesting textures to pick from this season, why not have fun with them?

In your photos, jewelers formed of fallen leaves, wild berries, acorns, and fir cones will create a very pleasant atmosphere. This helps to mix your model with nature. 

54. Use Photo Manipulation


When you don’t have access to natural spots but don’t want to miss the fall photography session then you have a great option called photo manipulation. With this feature, you can add autumn vibes any way you want. Professional photo editing service providers like Clipping World can easily do that for you.

55. Incorporate Books

fall photoshoot ideas with books

Books on photography are always considered classy. Put on a blanket in fallen leaves surrounding the place. Have some fall or Halloween decorations around you. You can even use leaves to decorate the book. This is a great photo idea for those who want some aesthetic touch to their fall photography.


We hope you liked this collection of 55 unique autumn photography ideas. Fall is such a lovely season, and it’s a lot of joy to go outside and attempt to capture the beauty of it via photography. It’s a wonderful season for pictures, from the beautiful autumn colors to all things scary and Halloween.

Plus, with professional photo editing, taking autumn pictures has never been simpler. For more photography and photo editing tips you can check our other articles and service page.