Jewelry Photography Editing Tips

Jewelry Photography Editing Tips!! There is no secret about the enormous reliance on visual grace for the #fashion #industry. If you display something at its best and is appealing, it works. It just doesn’t go in other cases.

As a boon for this field, Photoshop is not used to remove all imperfections only. It is to display a product at its best. In all aspects, the contrast settings, tone, luminosity, etc. details need to change. These will make each image look perfect.

In the dynamic realm of fashion and e-commerce, visual appeal is paramount. Photoshop emerges as the unsung hero, not merely eradicating flaws but accentuating each piece’s allure. Beyond imperfection removal, it’s about perfecting contrast, tone, and luminosity to create captivating images.

For jewelry designers and sellers, employing professional photo editing services becomes imperative. Beyond defect removal, these services enhance commercial viability. Expert retouching in Adobe Photoshop is pivotal, offering a spectrum of techniques. Color balance adjustment, brightness and contrast refinement, unsharp mask utilization, and natural shadow effects breathe life into jewelry photography.

Investing in these photo editing nuances is not just about polishing images; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with audiences. Natural shadow effects add depth, the pen tool aids in background manipulation, and meticulous spot removal ensures flawless visuals. In this intricate process, attention to detail is key, aiming not just for perfection but for a visual narrative that captivates.

Empowering Jewelry Photography: Unleashing Photoshop Magic

n the competitive world of online marketplaces and advertising, jewelry photography is a game-changer. Photoshop emerges as the ultimate ally, providing unparalleled control for flawless edits. Beyond the removal of defects, it enables color balance adjustment, brightness and contrast refinement, and the utilization of the unsharp mask for subtle softening.

Delving deeper, the creation of natural shadow effects becomes an art form. This not only enhances the image’s appearance but also contributes to increased sales by drawing attention to the subject. Meanwhile, the pen tool takes center stage for background manipulation, offering a seamless solution for online stores. Removal of unwanted spots ensures that the final image is not just perfect but also free of any distractions.

For those navigating the jewelry photo editing landscape, avoiding common pitfalls is crucial. Dust spots and smudges, unnoticed during photography, can detract from the overall quality. Simple background choices and precise white balance adjustments further elevate the final product. As the digital realm evolves, embracing professional photo editing services becomes not just a choice but a necessity for those seeking to stand out in the jewelry design business.

Jewelry Photo Editing Service Photoshop

Having said that, it is not easy to perform techniques. Also for the entire creative process involved. During every piece of jewelry, regardless of its size, a thorough approach is necessary.

The main reason for jewelry photo editing services is to remove defects. They have a negative impact on the image of the piece of ornament. Another reason for Jewelry Retouching is to make the picture look more useful for commercial purposes.

Tips for Jewelry Photo Editing

In the context of image retouching, Adobe Photoshop is the Holy Grail. Here are some effective jewelry retouching in Photoshop tutorials. The way is to create a high-quality picture with brilliance by retouching it.

Adjust the color balance of the image

Jewelry photo editing in Photoshop color balance helps to adjust the image color. As a result, it looks more attractive. It is possible to choose which color to highlight or to treat as the image background.

  1. First, open the software for editing and import the image to edit.
  2. Go to Image > Settings > Color Balance as the second step.
  3. In the end, select your favorite colors using the sliders in the box and select OK when finished.

Jewelry Photo Editing

Use brightness and contrast adjustment

This configuration has a great impact on every picture and can easily improve them. Photoshop does an excellent job of adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image. Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Import the image on Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Select Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast.
  3. Set the brightness and contrast according to your wishes. Select OK to apply the changes.

Jewelry Photo Editing

You can also create and work underneath the adjustment layer. Once you double-click half the round of the pallet, you will be able to adjust brightness and contrast.

The utilization of an unsharp mask

Sometimes, because of the stones on metals such as gold and silver, this piece of gem has sharp edges. In these cases, the Unsharp Mask tool is to make the picture look a little softer.  Adobe Photoshop is an excellent jewelry photo editing app for such. You can enable Filter > Sharpen> Unsharp Mask by following these steps.

jewelry photo editing

3 sliders appear when you activate this tool. They are Amount, Radius, and Threshold. These three sliders help to adjust the image’s sharpness. This is effective if you entrust a Top Jewelry Designer adept in jewelry retouching techniques.

Creating natural shadow effects

In every gold jewelry retouching Photoshop tutorial, a natural shadow effect is mandatory. It is in need to produce enhancement of the image’s appearance. Unwanted objects may be annoying. With the various shadow effects, it is important to give a touch to them. This realistic impact can contribute to increasing sales. Because it increases the subject’s depth.

The shoppers find them attractive by natural shadow effects. That turns their attention to a destination. Reach experts in photo editing services for photographers and have shadow creation. This significantly improves the appearance of the jewelry. A professional photo editor creates the desired effects in the images. They also use various jewelry retouching techniques in Photoshop.

jewelry photo editing

Grab the pen tool

This is an extremely good utility tool. We include the background when we talk about jewelry retouching for online stores. We may edit the background. Or maybe, remove the product image background by using various Photoshop methods or gimp.

We can use the clipping path tool to remove the product image background. At the same time keep the subject as it was. Images are edited with the help of professionals offering Photoshop clipping path services. And published on commercial websites as well as for advertisements.

  1. Choose the ‘Pen Tool‘ from the toolbar and then import the image to Photoshop.
  2. A keyboard shortcut to do the same is by ‘P’
  3. Select a path termed ‘Path1’
  4. You need to draw the clipping path around the object
  5. Select Ctrl and click on the path that you have created
  6. To remove the background, press Q

Jewelry Photo Editing

Removal of unwanted spots and dust

The removal of unwanted spots is an important part of photo enhancement services. When it comes to jewelry rendering service, clear and amazing visuals are essential. To make the picture look more attractive, it should be free of any defects. Sometimes we cannot notice the spots during product photography.

However, these spots must be consciously removed when you process the images. Adobe Photoshop has a couple of product photo editing tools to do the same. A few brush instruments are such as the Spot Healing Brush tool, the clone stamping tool, and the healing brush tool.

Jewelry Photo Editing

It takes time and attention to detail for jewelry retouch. The goal is to create something exquisite and perfect. Adobe Photoshop offers various image editing tools for creating the best image versions.

While doing jewelry photo editing there are some mistakes that most of the product photographers make. Let’s talk about some common but often happening mistakes. Before going into image editing we need to be aware of these things.

Smudged, Unprepared Products

We often remain unnoticed and whatever we touch, we leave our dead cells on that. So if you make sure that there is no dust on your jewelry product you may be right but there could be dead cells when you touch it. DSLR camera always picks up the tiniest detail on the product.

At the same time, it is very difficult to Photoshop these types of images. Jewelry images are so glittery that you can see if there is any dust or dead cells after the photograph. So use hand gloves before touching your jewelry product.

Complex Background

Sometimes we may think during the photography of any jewelry product photo “How about adding props to the background?” How to optimize e-commerce product photos? But think again and try to remember the jewelry images you saw in your life. I bet you, most of the time they are either on a normal white background or on a black background. Did you ever ask yourself why?

Not only in jewelry images. Whenever you go on Amazon, eBay, or any other online marketplace, you will find that every product there is on a normal white or black background. The reason for the normal background is to only focus on what matters. So please remember to use a simple background or it will be difficult to remove the background from jewelry images during jewelry photo retouching.

Complex Background

Inaccurate White Balance

The human eye is easily deceived due to light. Because of that, the same color product you may see in a different color for white balance. This is more effective for jewelry photo editing. For a slight white balance mistake, an image can change dramatically to the customer’s eye. Remember that meme about the gold/blue dress? Vision is ambiguous.

Inaccurate White Balance

So during your photo editing period for white balance, you have to be very attentive and skilled in it.


Look carefully. Above we have the same product image but on a different surface. Only because of the different surfaces is the color of the jewelry image looks not the same. You will decide by just seeing which one you will buy.

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