The Most Professional Magazine Photo Editing Tips in 2020

Professional Magazine Photo Editing Tips for All

Magazine Photo Editing is popular among fashion photographers. Thousands of fashion photographers want to develop the skills of magazine photo editing. If you also want to be an expert in photo retouching services like Pascal Dangin or Julia Kuzmenko, then you are in the right place.

Today I am going to talk about magazine photo editing in-depth. In this article, you are going to get the core ideas to improve your magazine photo editing skills. You will learn how to use Photoshop to edit the photos of models in the magazines. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Crop the Image (Magazine Photo Editing)

Photoshop crop tool is one of the basic tools for editing any kind of photo. Retouching the magazine photos starts with cropping the photo. Well, this is a shortcut way to remove unwanted things in the background. As a magazine photo editor, you should:

  • Remove the background if needed.
  • Stay alert while cutting the model’s photos.
  • Do not always place the subject at the center.
  • Keep some places untouched while doing face retouching.

Keep It Natural

Some people think editing photos makes them unnatural to some extent. But it is possible to edit photos and still keep it natural. You should apply the right amount of sharpness. Because it matters to keep the sharpness right. Otherwise, your models may get too smooth or too harsh skin. Most magazine photographers usually ask a common question about skin smoothing.

To keep your subject’s face natural you should be careful about the texture. Do not wipe out the available texture. Otherwise, it will make the skin extremely unrealistic.

Fix the Skin Tone

Skin tone - magazine photo editing
Magazine photo editing

Photo retouching or color correction no matter what you are doing, fix the skin tone at first. Because it will be apparent whether your editing is good or bad just by looking at the skin tone. So, adjust the skin tone perfectly. As magazine photos are mostly of models and people, so you have to keep the skin tone right.

Frequency Separation Technique

Frequency Separation is a great device for image retouching. Its basic advantage lies in the capacity to work independently with color and detail on various layers. So photographers can modify photographs without harming the shadows and hues, as they will be enhanced on another level. Continuously make the skin normal.

Improve Colors

Colorful tea cup
Magazine photo editing

Image color correction services are one of the most demanded image editing methods. Some people assume that this is only for e-commerce photo editing. But the reality is it is equally important for magazine photography editing. You have to know how to balance the right color grading. Here I can suggest you some good steps to follow:

  • Calibrate your monitor before doing color correction.
  • Use Lightroom basic panel.
  • Do not overdo color grading.
  • Keep it natural.
  • Enhance the contrast by intensifying the highlights.
  • Keep the color grading the same for all photos.
  • Use effects like vintage, film, matte, pastel, B&W, etc.

Reduce Noise (Magazine Photo Editing)

Proficient photographers ought to continually try new Photoshop tactics to introduce top-quality photographs. It is particularly significant in the event of noise reduction. Low lighting in the shots may cause undesirable troubles. To avoid such a situation follow these instructions:

  • Keep the ISO low.
  • Apply Reduce Noise Filter.
  • Check the RGB channel to evaluate the noise there.
  • Keep the surface blur tool in mind.

Teeth Whitening (Magazine Photo Editing)

White teeth girl - magazine photo editing
Magazine photo editing

Everyone loves the teeth of the people on the magazine cover. Everybody is glad to be an owner of white teeth, particularly in photographs of glossy magazines. It is the primary motivation behind why shooters dedicate time to acing one of the most mainstream Photoshop or Lightroom stunts called regular teeth brightening. It is basic to erase any accessible yellowness and accomplish a characteristic grin simultaneously.

Enhance Lips

Enhanced lips - Magazine photo editing
Magazine photo editing

Lips are one of the initial segments of the style representation that stands out. It is critical to ensure they look splendid. It is vital regardless of whether a model has incredible cosmetics as asymmetrical lines may ruin a picture. You can master the skill of enhancing lips by following these tips:

  • Create the first layer so that it works on a good basis.
  • Use the adjustment brush to help lips pop up.
  • Ensure a gentle look on the lips.
  • Change the brush while retouching the mouth.

Change Eye Color (Magazine Photo Editing)

Eye color
Magazine photo editing

Test yourself by taking a magazine in your hand. Which part attracts you more than anything else? Yes, that is the eyes of the people in the magazine. Have you pondered why they attract you so much? Because the designer who edited the photos did his job perfectly.

So, how can you do the same? The answer is simple. Change the color of the eye according to the photo tone. Well, do not overdo it while changing eye color. Do it in a way so that it remains natural.

Use Digital Makeup

Digital make up
Magazine photo editing

Most models get ready for a photography session, pick matching dresses, and apply makeup. Nonetheless, even professional cosmetics can be effortlessly ruined by lightning and time. However, don’t get steamed on the off chance that it doesn’t look flawless. There is numerous Adobe Photoshop photograph modifying instructional exercises which make it conceivable to get a splendid outcome.

Add Shine to Hair

Precisely this piece of picture correcting is remarkably testing and requires a ton of time. All things considered, the cycle includes changing the hair shape, including additional hair, and expanding the volume. Experts shouldn’t hustle, they have to commit some an ideal opportunity to do it at an elevated level and get a surprising outcome.

Modify Hair Color (Magazine Photo Editing)

Color hair
Magazine photo editing

At times shooters need to change the shade of the hair. Changing reasonable hair and making it dull isn’t an issue. However, the circumstance is distinctive on the off chance that there is a need to make a reasonable shading. It will take a lot of hours but still doesn’t mean a picture taker will get an alluring outcome. All photograph-altering administrations prescribe being mindful altogether not to make hair look yellow in the image. Getting a reasonable shade is an essential objective here.

Remove Cloth Wrinkles

Cloth Wrinkles
Magazine photo editing

Magazine photos don’t just show the faces and bodies of the models. Rather, a big part of the magazine photos is the clothes of the models. That means the photos are a combination of the models and their clothes. So, you should take care of the dresses as well. Remove the wrinkles of the dresses. Remove creases if there are.

Wrapping It Up with Magazine Photo Editing Tips

Editing images is a hectic and tiresome job. Nevertheless, if you can do the job perfectly it can give you the joy of success. Editing magazine photos are a little sensitive in the sense that they are published in public magazines. You need to be more careful about every step of editing. However, this is not impossible to achieve a remarkable magazine photo.