Scary Horror Photography

Horror Photography can be very scary for a cowardly person. At the same time, it’s enjoyable for fearless people. Especially for those most passionate about horror portrait photography, this article can be inspirational if you consider participating in a horror niche photography contest.

In this article, you will find some extreme photography of the horror niche, which expresses the darkest corner of our human imagination. The way horror can give us a thriller, there is no competitor. Let’s jump to the horrific photography subject, where extreme creativity meets dark imagination. 

What is Horror Photography? 

Horror photography often creates tension in the viewer and irritates them with fantasy photography. It’s an art where imagination has no boundary. Using themes, analog, and storytelling techniques makes pictures more horrifying and surreal. 

There are solid chances that horror niche images will be explicit and violent. To make the viewer feel scared and awaken their fear, a horror niche photography artist will leave no stone unturned.

01. Gas Mask Photography 

Gas Mask Photography

The gas mask was first used in 1914 during the First World War when soldiers wore masks to protect themselves from poisonous gas. Horror niche photographers use this theme brilliantly in horrific ways. They are made in a background shade and a bit black, and they wear a mask with a killer look, which makes the gas mask’s character dark and more horrible. 

02. Scary Mirror Photography

Mirror Photography

This Mirror Horror photoshoot is a brilliant idea. Aggressive looks in the middle of broken glass and blood make it bold and horrible. In a word, it’s amazing photography. 

03. Horror Toy Photography

Toy Photography

It’s impossible to imagine kids do not love toys. But in horror niche photography, photographers can represent it scarily and make children hate their toys. In movies and storybooks, toys are often portrayed as scary characters. Horror photographer artists successfully do that because they make over cute toys or dolls like a witches. 

Thus, these cute toys can scare an adults to children with their horrible looks. This credit goes to dark imagination creative horror niche photographers. Where they successfully scare everyone and force kids to scare their toys.

04. Body Scary Photography

Body Photography

Everyone has different tests and points of view in their life. Some people like tattooing their whole body, and others might dislike it.

As you can see in this image, a deadly expression of a girl holding a heart on this tattoo of someone’s body and arms. That is a unique concept of taking body horror niche photographs.

05. Creative Horror Photo Ideas

Sinister Fanart Photo

In horror niche photographs, there is lots of scope for creativity, like in other niches. The image below is a proven horror photo that can be represented creatively.

The red blood skull is depicted on the wall, and the lady walking next to it is touched by it. Incredible to watch this type of creativity level in the horror niche, which makes you scared and wondering.

06. Horror Lighting Photography

Horror Lighting Photography

If you often watch horror movies, you will notice one thing in horror movies background noise and lighting play a major role in scaring us. That is the reason photographers also use lighting setups while taking horror photographs.

Because it makes pictures more surreal and scary, if you are considering participating in a horror niche photography competition, you can keep in mind the lighting setup to get the best output.

07. Horror Conceptual Photography

Angelina Goncharova Scream Photo

The horror concept contains next-level imagination. Simple concepts can turn into horrible and scary things. In this image, you can see how simply by hand illustrates the terrible face.

An artist successfully portrays the dark imagination through his photographs. This image is the perfect example of horror conceptual photography. 

08. Surreal Horror Photoshoot

Surreal Horror Photography

Look at this image. It’s a completely surreal horror photo. But some editing also helps to make these images more surreal. For me, the concept is the key part of any niche photography. If you look at this photo, you will notice on this face, there are no eyes, lips, or mouth.

In the middle of the face, a big tunnel and one only hand raising and asking something. This picture’s whole concept makes this image a more surreal horror photo.

09. Horror Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

His hands out of his mouth and touching his face make this image more dire and horrible. It portrays the scary fantasy where everyone’s fear will rise in a matter of time after watching this horror portrait photograph. 

10. Horror Film Photography

Film Photography

Horror film photography is a unique concept. You are taking pictures from scary movie scenes. Choosing the best scene from a horror movie requires a lot of patience because you have to get the best shot from the scene. Then after taking a few snaps, you pick the right one, so it’s a bit hectic to do horror film photography.

11. Horror Composite Photography

Horror Composite Photography

Technology plays a vital role in composite horror photography, as you can see a girl’s soul running toward his father in the below image.

To make this image more surreal and horrible, photoshop is used on the image. In composite horror photography, you may need to use more Photoshop or graphic design to make an image more brutal or real. 

12. Horror Definition Photography

Photography of Horror

Here, you have to portray a scary and horrible scene to provoke the viewer’s fear. You have to define the horrible story in your image. Horror photographers are experts generally applying storytelling techniques through the image. 

13. Horror Nun

Horror Nun

If you are a fan of horror movies, then you have heard of nun movies, or you have watched that movie. Nun is portrayed in an incredibly terrifying way in horror movies. So you can choose nun photography as a horror niche to participate in a horror niche photo contest.

14. Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain

In childhood, we played hide and seek in that game we hid in our closet, bedroom, or garden—this concept you can utilize for the horrible surprise concept. Suddenly getting out of the curtain surprisingly can turn into a horrible subject in photography. 

15. Surprising Touch 

Surprising Touch

Surprising touches at night can be scary. The surprise touch action makes it easy to scare people at night, especially on Halloween. Doing this in a dark room while wearing a Halloween costume will be more interesting and scary.

16. Standing in a Grave at Night Photography 

Standing in a Grave at Night Photography 

Standing in a grave will be extremely scary at night. Wearing a costume with makeup will make the image story bolder and more horrible. However, you can keep that option open for your horror niche photography, where you can experiment with the next level of scary photography at night in a graveyard.

17. Innocent Kid Creepy Photography

Innocent Kid Creepy Photography

Wearing a kid’s Halloween costume will help you take creepy, horrible photographs. Night or evening is the perfect time for taking an innocent kid’s creepy photograph. With a costume, it will represent an innocent kid horribly and scarily. This concept will do an effective job for photographers.

Final Words

Photography is an art, and horror niche photography is a challenging job to do. Because you have to tell the story and awaken fear in the viewers, you will find the concept idea in these 17 scary horror photographs, leading you to take the most effective and imaginable photo.

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How Do You Do Horror Photography?

For horror photography, you can follow these steps.

  • Get Scary Shadows
  • Materially Speaking
  • Add ghostly figures with a blurred movement effect.
  • Visit the Light Tilt Your Composition
  • Be a spectator and make your subject look away.
  • Go Monochrome.

What is Horror in Photography?

Horror in photography is like horror movies, except you still use images to tell your story. The goal is to get people thinking about darker things. You want to make the audience think and feel uncomfortable. The images can be sexually explicit and violent.