Everything About Lilac Color Meaning Symbol Codes & All
  • February 13, 2023
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Do you like to experiment with color design? Or do you hesitate to decide whether you will use lilac color on your next design? Then you are in the right place. This article will discuss the history and everything about the lilac color. Keep reading to find out more.

Artists and designers can use lilac, a mix of purple and pink, to be creative. They can combine it with soft blues and muted yellows to evoke different emotions in their designs. Experiment with lilac to create harmonious compositions that resonate with tranquility and femininity.

Brides and event planners, include lilac in your wedding palette for an elegant touch. Lilac dresses, when paired with neutral accessories, create a timeless look. Lilac-themed decor also brings a sense of romance. Use lilac to add meaningful color to your special day. Lilac symbolizes love, new beginnings, and tranquility.

For Gardeners: Bring the charm of lilac blooms to your garden with a variety of lilac shades, from pale to deep. Use the lilac color wheel to make beautiful combinations. Pair it with mint green and soft blues, which are complementary colors. Lilac adds beauty to your garden. It also symbolizes new beginnings and femininity.

Attention color enthusiasts! Let’s explore the fascinating world of lilac. We’ll start by looking at its hex code, which is #AA98A9. Then, we’ll dive into its RGB values, which are 170, 152, and 169. Understand the nuances between lilac and lavender, appreciating their distinct but related hues. Use lilac as the main focus to create attractive color combinations. Explore the calming effects of this shade and how it can improve your mood.

Explore the history of lilac. It started in Europe and Asia. Lilac had a symbolic meaning in Victorian mourning clothes. This is for students and educators. Discover how lilac, a color once linked to royalty, has made a comeback in modern design. Students can use lilac in design projects. They can experiment with it to understand its emotional impact and versatility.

Choose lilac for fashion, home decor, or accessories. Embrace its soothing qualities and timeless appeal. Understand lilac’s compatibility with neutral tones for a balanced and stylish look. Stay updated with lilac trends. This color is not a passing fashion choice. It is a symbol of elegance and new beginnings.

What Color is Lilac?

Lilac color is a lighter shade of purple. It is a purple color named for the lilac blossoms, which are also purple. Lilac is also similar to pink, violet, and lavender. A color lilac mixer of blue and red form.

While both lavender and lilac are hues of purple and violet, lavender has a bluish undertone, and lilac has a pinkish undertone. Lilac brings the purple symbolism connected with the lighter shades of purple.

Nevertheless, this color is incredibly delicate and easily offensive. It can be nostalgic, like lavender. It pairs beautifully with dark green and black.


Lilac Color, Lilac Color Code


Lilac Color vs Lavender

What color is lilac vs lavender? Lilac and lavender colors belong to the same color family, yet, surprisingly, they are distinct hues. Moreover, when looking for colors online, you can identify them with a hex code. Many people mistake the two hues, as lilac is more often associated with lavender.

If you’re searching for something more bright, lavender purple would be a better match for lavender. According to color theory, you might get warm or cold shades when working with colors.

Typically, on the color wheel, these colors are opposite one another. In addition, reds, yellows, and oranges are warm hues, whereas blues and greens are cold. Lilac is often considered a warm hue when dealing with purple. The Image of the Lilac color vs lavender you can see down below.


Differences between Lilac color and lavender 

Lilac Color Code 

Lilac is a light purple color with the hex code #AA98A9, similar to lavender but with a more significant proportion of red than blue.

  • Lilac is a light purple color with the hex code #AA98A9.
  • Lilac RGB code, value- 170,152,169 
  • Lilac HSL code value- 303° ,10%, 63% 
  • Lilac HSV code value- 303°, 11%, 67% 
  • Lilac CMYK code value- 0,11,1,33 


Lilac Color Code, Lilac Color

History of the Lilac Color

The lilac is indigenous to both Europe and Asia. Since the 1750s, they have populated the United States. There are over a thousand varieties of lilacs, each with a unique hue. “Lilac” and purple are examples of standard colors. The hue “lilac” refers to a light violet tint.

Historically, the lilac has been a symbol of loss. In 19th-century Britain, it was one of the few permitted colors for a woman to wear when her mourning phase ended, and black was no longer necessary.

During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it was common for widows to wear black for the first year after their husband’s death. After a year, women were permitted to wear lighter colors, such as white and lilac.

However, collecting and making the color was incredibly costly. For that reason, it was used mainly by royalty and wealthy families. The interior design and fashion industries have helped lilac’s recent popularity surge.

The year’s color in 2016 was millennial pink, while in 2018, it was ultraviolet, similar to lilac purple. Pinks and purples are climbing to the top of the most popular list. Pinks and purples are at the top of the most popular color list.


Lilac Color, Lilac Color Shades

The Meaning of the Lilac Color 

Lilac has a more feminine aura and is a more graceful, mature color than pink. Lilac is typically connected with feminine characteristics such as affection, sensitivity, and care. According to color psychology theories, the Lilac hue is associated with sociability, open-mindedness, and naivety.

The usage of lilac can improve emotional expression and reduce sentiments of aggressiveness. Lilac is more romantic than red and symbolizes the new beginnings of love, much like springtime and the blooming of lilac blossoms.

Lilac is also soothing and welcoming. On the negative side, Lilac is related to hot and cold and immaturity due to the colour’s relation with tolerance to many ways of thinking and feeling.


Shades of Lilac 

As with all colors, there are a variety of lilac tones, ranging from shades that approach lilac grey-purple to those that are darker or lighter. Lighter lilac hues might appear nearly white, while darker hues are closer in appearance to purple.

Lilac is a light violet hue representing the typical color of most lilac blooms. Some lilac flower colors may relate to the hues listed below: pale, rich, and deep. However, there are also red-violet-colored lilac blossoms. Let’s have a look at the lilac color combination.


Shades of Lilac, Lilac Color


Color Palette # 3988

The shades used in this palette are dusty beige, “dusty” pink, burgundy, soft bridal palettes, soft pink hues, soft rose tones, lilac hues, shades of pink color, and warm orange hues.


Color Palette, Lilac Color

Color Palette #3503

It contains amethyst colors, blue-grey colors, matching, living room color combinations, dark Lilac, dark pinks, dark purples, delicate shades of Lilac, fig colors, flesh colors, lavender, lilac colors, living room color schemes, purple, shades of Lilac, shades of Lilac, shades of Violet, and shades of Violet color.


Amethyst Color, Lilac Color Code


Color Palette # 2707

There are many colors to choose from, including blue-grey, blueberry, color combination, color matching, amethyst colors, violet orchid colors, dark lilacs, dark pinks, dark purples, dark violets, gentle lilac shades, lavender colors, lilac shades, purple colors, shades of purple.


Blueberry Color, Lilac Color, Lilac Color Shades


Color Palette #1241

Color Schemes for Wall Painting and Walls: Dark Violet, Eggplant, Lilac, Lilac-Blue, Pink, Pink Sunset, Purple, Shades of Lilac Color, and More!


Color Schemes, Lilac Color


How Does Lilac Affect Your Mood?

Lilac is a calming color that encourages emotional expression since it gives a feeling of softness and calmness. In the language of love, lilacs are offered at the start of courtship to represent the first emotion of love.

Lilac colors can improve our moods because they provide a lot of soothing feelings. It can also help reduce anxiety. Lilac is a light and delicate violet hue that symbolizes innocence, youth, spirituality, and peace. As a result, it gives you a unique vibe that will make you feel less distressed and more pleased with your eyes.


The Color of Pale Lilac 

Pale Lilac is a light, brilliant, periwinkle purple with a mountainous undertone. You can see the Image of the Pale Lilac color below. The Lilac color pantone number is 14-3812 TCX Similarly, #b4a0c9 is the hexadecimal representation of the color Pantone PMS 15-3720 TCX / lilac breeze. The hexadecimal code #b4a0c9 represents a shade of medium-light blue-magenta. 70.59 per cent red, 62.75 per cent green, and 70.8 per cent blue make up the color code #b4a0c9.


Lilac Color in Design 

The light lilac color is popular with many designers and customers. That is why many people search for lilac color dogs, lilac color dresses, and lilac color palettes. It shows the popularity and demand for the lilac color. Lilac color will make your design superior with the best design & color theory combinations


Lilac Color in Design, Lilac Color Pantone


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This soft and peaceful color not only changes our mood but will also help to change our environment. It also has an incredibly long history, which helps us understand its importance among the royals, who use it as a symbol of power and wealth. This lilac color brings back its old aura in the twenty-first century, which is why it has been named the color of the year several times. 




QIs lilac primarily pink or purple?

Lilac is between pink and deep purple in hue. Because lilac is a relatively light color, it features high with bold colors such as orange, yellow, olive green, etc.

QIs lilac a Color of Royalty?

Purple has been associated with monarchy, power, and prosperity for decades. Queen Elizabeth I restricted all except close royal members from wearing it. At the same time, the lilac color was a sign of mourning, especially for widows who had finished their mourning phase. They are also allowed to wear the Lilac color Dress.

QWhat Does Lilac mean in love?

Magenta lilacs represent love and ardour. This flower’s namesake hue, lilac, is a delicate purple shade representing young love. It frequently indicates feminine characteristics and positive energy, whereas love represents peace and positive energy.

QIs Lilac a Healing Color?

Purple, violet and matching colors such as lilac and lavender are associated with spirituality. Additionally, these therapeutic colors are associated with perception, a greater degree of consciousness, and comprehension. Regarding the brain and endocrine systems, these colors have an association.