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Mastering Photo Masking Apps for Stunning Results

Photo Masking App is not a new thing. Technology is moving ahead, and new things are coming daily. Over recent decades, we have seen a radical development in the world of technology. Developing apps for every little thing has become a trend. Because it makes things easier. Besides that, the software is tougher to handle than any app.

Apps are convenient, light, and the user interface is very handy. You will find tons of image editing apps in the market. Well, some of the apps are good at filtering, and some come up with unconventional features. And some have garnered huge fame for having a good quality of image masking facility.

You can search for more online photo editors. Apps are available in app stores and compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. 

The Best Apps With Photo Masking Features For iOS & Android

Here I will only talk about the best apps with photo masking features for iOS and Android.

Photo Cutout Editor

Photo Cutout Editor, Photo Masking App

This image editing software has some state-of-the-art features. To be true I personally love this app. I have tried many apps to clipping masks, but I was not satisfied with anything. As I work mostly on my mobile phone, I needed an app that is very handy and has a masking feature. I found this app super handy.

If you want to save a lot of time from working on image masking you can definitely go for this software. If you are looking for something that works on iOS, then let me tell you one thing.

You can perform masking easily and faster than before. It has at least 7 cutout tools that make masking easy and versatile. With this software, image masking is a piece of cake. So you can have a background removal service on your phone.

Other Features

  • 180+ Background Template
  • 40+ filters
  • 300+ predefined effects.
  • 21 blending modes
  • 7 Adjustment tool

I would recommend this software to those who are using iOS and Android.

Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop Express

A fun and convenient image editor is Adobe Photoshop Express. It comes up with a range of editing options that will make you feel amazed. You can edit your pictures faster, and efficiently.

Photoshop Express is a full-featured package for image editing. The masking feature of Photoshop Express is incomparable. You can instantly fix the curved image and incorrect camera angles. As a photo masking app, it is personalized for each user.

You can remove noise by using the masking feature. Moreover, you can apply the spot healing function. In fact, it is a smaller version of Photoshop. The user interface is convenient. Anyone can utilize all the features of Adobe Photoshop Express.

PicsArt Photo Studio | Photo Masking App List

PicsArt Photo Studio, Photo Masking App

Well, another amazing photo editing app is the PicsArt Photo Studio. The app is mostly known for its artistic features. However, the masking tool of PicsArt Photo Studio has some distinct features. It is one of the best photo masking apps for Android. You can easily add superb texture to the image.

For example, textures like bokeh, light leaks, textures, and more. Moreover, the masking tool of PicsArt Photo Studio works on effects tools and gives different looks to the photo. Nevertheless, the masking does not apply to the whole image.

Aftercut | Photo Masking App


You will never get any other apps like this. Because it is the easiest app for masking. With this app, you can select and deselect the object and change the image background as you wish. Aftercut works faster than all the other apps. In a second, you can get the results. The most amazing part about this app is the manual and smart selection system.

The app comprises several cut-out tools. Just tap several times and see how the app selects and extracts the objects in the photo. The app has 300+ predefined effects and 40+ filters. It helps to create many functions. For instance, shadow, border, highlight, cartoon, glass, blur, mosaic, comic book, and more effects on the selected objects.

Moreover, you can import PNG images as well. With features like this, the app has become extremely popular among iOS and Android users.

Superimpose | Best Photo Masking App

Superimpose Editor, Best Photo Masking App

Are you looking for an app that works well for your masking tasks and is easy to use? Then I would suggest your superimposed mobile app. If you are an iPhone user, then it will best fit you. Just tap it several times, and you will get pro-level images on your iPhone. You can do it with a phone, and no computer is needed.

The most powerful and handy feature of this app is image masking. Just select the area you want to mask and the app will mask it out automatically. The mask will occur in an area of similar color. The app has made background removal easy and convenient. The app does justice to its name. However, initially, you might feel a little confused, but gradually you will get over that.

Enlight | Photo Masking App

Enlight - Photo Masking App

If you are searching for an all-in-one app then Enlight is the one you are looking for. It comes up with every editing method. The app has a great range of artistic and creative editing tools. Enlight will allow you both to create an artistic masterpiece or just simply edit your photos.

You can turn your photo into a drawing or sketch. And the masking feature will surely satisfy you. You can choose a certain place or color to mask. However, there is no specific undo button or option for this app. So, you have to edit your photos very carefully.

Once you mask the image, it is not possible to go back. Editing in Enlight is easy, but do not rush. If you rush, it may take more time than you think.

Figma | Photo Masking App


A cloud-based app that allows businesses to create customized images. Its creative design makes it different from other apps. So, you can easily collaborate with other teams. Masking in Figma is really an amazing experience. It lets you display a specific part of the other layers.

The alpha channel of the mask creates an outline for the shape of the mask layers. Figma is okay with both alpha masking and outline. Figma is really a user-friendly app that keeps all the features that any user needs. And when it comes to masking, Figma stands out from the rest.

Image Blender | Photo Masking App

Image Blender

Well, you might be disappointed with the number of features or tools Image Blender has. But let me tell you, you will not have any complaints against the masking tool of this app. The app is easy to use. A much-needed criterion of any app is user-friendliness. You will find blank boxes on each side at the bottom. Tap to get started.

The background will appear on the left side and the foreground will appear on the right side. And the masking tool is really extraordinary. It lets you touch a certain part of the image’s foreground or background. Wait for the effective result. However, the result will not be 100% accurate. However, you have to keep your expectations lower for this app.

Color Splash Studio | Photo Masking App

Color Splash Studio

Do you know that Color Splash Studio was previously a tool for fun photo editing on the Mac? However, it is now available for iPhones as well. It comes up with a lot of convincing functions. You can just take a photo and apply a mask to it. After that, colorize the portion you applied the mask.

I hope you will get a really cool result. To get the best result, you have to tap the pan and keep zooming to the lower left. Therefore, you can touch up the mask. The most fascinating part of Color Splash is that you can finetune the mask. You will get the most satisfying result from this.

You may not get a huge range of image editing tools on this. But I hope the result you will get from this will satisfy you.


Image editing apps are increasing day by day. Most apps try to accumulate the most popular services on them. However, it is not possible to be the best in every area. In this article, my effort was to find out those apps that are the best at masking tasks. However, these apps have made masking easy and fun.

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FAQ | Photo Masking App

Why do we need image masking?

To create a smooth selection of the subject, we need image masking.

What is the best app for image masking?

 Photoshop Express is the best app for image masking.

Who provides the top-notch image masking service?

Clipping World has the best graphics designer to provide the best service to its customers.