How to Make a Pumpkin Drawing, Pumpkin drawing in photoshop
  • February 5, 2023
  • MD Ashraf Uddin Noyon
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Learn How to Draw a Pumpkin in Photoshop

Pumpkin drawing can be difficult for beginners, so if you are one of them, don’t worry. Here you will find out what pen tool you need to draw a pumpkin in Photoshop. Since you are in the right place to make an effective-looking pumpkin, you will gain a decent amount of pumpkin drawing ideas.

So in this article, I will show you how you can easily draw a pumpkin in Photoshop. Let’s find out in detail.

Pumpkin Drawing Easy Step-By-Step Guideline 

Now to draw in Photoshop, you will find some textures to use, like wood texture and paper texture, but I will use an old reliable brush tool that you will find in any traditional Photoshop tool.

Step – 1: Select the Custom Tool & Create A New Custom Page 

To begin, create a new Photoshop document, name it “pumpkin,” set the width to 11 and height to 8.5 inches, and set the resolution to 300 pixels. Your color mode is normally set to RGB color, 8-bit, and we will have a transparent background. Make sure your color profile square is pixel by default, and then press the button to create.

Create A New Custom Page in Photoshop

Step 2: Set Foreground Color in Photoshop | Pumpkin Drawing

We will use the ellipse tool to draw a round, oval shape for the pumpkin. Therefore, in the ellipse tool, first, we need to change our color, and we want to grab a color that is the orange shade of a pumpkin. After selecting the orange color, we will set the foreground to orange.

Set Foreground Color in Photoshop

Set the Foreground in Orange, Pumpkin Tutorial Step by Step

Step 3: Draw Shapes With the Ellipse Tool 

Now grab the ellipse tool, which is hiding inside the rectangle. Now my pumpkin isn’t perfectly round, so I’m going to draw that ellipse and drag it, then leave it on the oval side to become a round pumpkin.

Draw Pumpkin Shapes With the Ellipse Tool

Step 4: Deselect the Selection 

Once you have done this, hit select to deselect.

Deselect the Selection for Drawing a Pumpkin

Step 5: Photoshop Inner Glow Setting | Free Pumpkin Drawing 

Then we need to go to fX. We will pick Inner Glow and make its blend mode “Normal.” The opacity is then set to 100%. It’s time to bump up the choke and size to 15%. 

Photoshop Inner Glow Setting

Step 6: Bevel and Emboss Effect | How to Make A Pumpkin Drawing 

Now you have to back again to the fx setting. Now choose Bevel and Emboss. Here you need to make depth 220 %, size 13 px, soften 5 px, at the same time highlight mode opacity 100%, and last shadow mode opacity 55%.then click ok.

Bevel and Emboss Effect

Set the Bevel and Emboss Effect

Step 7: Drag the Layer to the Thumbnail

Now drag the layer to the thumbnail to create a new one, so you need to duplicate the layer.

Drag the Layer to the Thumbnail, Easy Pumpkin Tutorial Ideas

Step 8: Duplicate the Layer | Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

Ctrl+J will duplicate the layer. Now you have two layers and the choice to keep the first layer on top.

Duplicate the Layer for Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 9: Distort the Pumpkin Shape

The next step is to go into the filter, where you will find a distort, search the word shear, and click select. 

Distort the Pumpkin Shape, Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Step 10: Selecting the Shear Word

The new interface will appear after selecting the shear word, like a wind shear. You have to blow it to the left, then click ok.

Selecting the Shear Word, Photoshop Tutorial

Step 11:  Fix the Pumpkin Slide | Simple Pumpkin Drawing 

Now as you can see here, another shape slide comes here, so in that case, you can press Ctrl + T to fix the slide.

Fix the Pumpkin Slide

Step 12: Duplicate the Layer One More Time

Now we will duplicate the layer one more time, then go to edit, find transform, and click the 180-degree angle to flip it.

Pumpkin Tutorial Step by Step

Step 13: Pull Around the Pumpkin 

Then it will come with another slide, and then you pull around, and it will start to look like a pumpkin.

Pull Around the Pumpkin, Simple Pumpkin Drawing

Pumpkin Drawing, Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

Step 14: Duplicate the Layer Again | Pumpkin Drawing Tutorial

We will repeat the layering process as we have done previously. Therefore, we will duplicate the layer again.

Pumpkin Drawing, Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

Layering Process, Free Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 15: Pull Out the Pumpkin Shape A Little Bit More 

After duplicating the layer, go to  ->filter, then select -> distort ->shear. Now it will pull it out it little bit more.

Shear Word in Photoshop, Pumpkin Drawing

Pumpkin Drawing Images, Photoshop Tutorial

Step 16: Rotate 180 Degrees to Flip the Slide

We will make another layer for a duplicate. Then we will go to  Edit -> Transform -> Rotate 180 degrees to flip the slide. Now it looks like a decent pumpkin. 

Rotate 180 Degrees to Flip the Pumpkin

Simple Pumpkin Ideas, Pumpkin Drawing

Step 17: Merge the Layer  | Easy Pumpkin Drawing

Then go to the layer and look at the lower part. You will find merge layers, or you can click the mouse right button on the layer slide part. Then you can also find the marge layer by shortcut.

Merge the Pumpkin Layer, Pumpkin Drawing

Pumpkin Drawing Step by Step, Pumpkin Drawing Images

Step 18: Liquefy all the Layers | Pumpkin Drawing for Beginner 

After merging all the layers, it will be all in one layer. We need to liquefy all the layers, which you will find liquify under the filter.

Liquefy in Photoshop, Photoshop Pumpkin Drawing

Step 19: Brush the Tool to Change the Pumpkin Shape

After clicking the liquify, you can use the brush tool to change the pumpkin shape. And play around with it until you are satisfied with the shape and looks of the pumpkin. 

Brush Tool in Photoshop, Pumpkin Drawing

Step 20: Make a Stem for the Pumpkin

The next step is to make a stem for the pumpkin. To make a stem, you must first click the brush tool and pick a green color. 

Make a Stem for the Pumpkin

Pick a Green Color for Drawing Pumpkin, Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

Step 21: Choose Brush Presets from Windows

Then go to windows and choose brush presets.

Pumpkin Photoshop Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

Step 22: Using Brush for Stem Shape | Pumpkin Draw in Photoshop

You will find here all kinds of brush tools. Choose this brush that points to the image, then rub it in the middle of the pumpkin to give a stem shape.

Using Brush for Pumpkin Stem Shape

Step 23: Change the Size According to Your Requirements

After rubbing the brush middle of the pumpkin, it may look like this. We want the stem size to be a bit longer. In that case, we can change the size according to your requirements.

Simple Pumpkin Ideas

Step 24: Curbing to Change the Layer Serial

After curbing a little bit, we could stem the height underneath. To do that, we can change the layer serial.

Curbing the Pumpkin Layer

Step 25: Make a Perfect Pumpkin Drawing Shape  

After changing the layer serial, the stem will go underneath the pumpkin, which makes a more beautiful and accurate-looking pumpkin. 

Perfect Pumpkin in Photoshop

Final Result | How to Draw a Pumpkin Drawing in Photoshop 

Now, this is the final result of the pumpkin. As you can see, we manually made the pumpkin using traditional Photoshop. Along with pumpkin drawing step-by-step guidelines and pumpkin drawing images. Consequently, you can do a simple pumpkin drawing with any traditional Photoshop tool. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn some basic techniques from it.

Simple Pumpkin Ideas

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FAQ | How to Draw a Pumpkin Drawing in Photoshop 

 Q. How Can You Turn an Image into A Pattern for A Pumpkin?

Make a picture file. Open the digital file for the picture you wish to use as a stencil for carving pumpkins. Then Resize the image and measure the height of the carving surface of you pumpkin Halloween pictures with a measuring tape. Trace the image’s outlines after printing the image in black and white. Lastly, erase the background of the image. 

Q. How to Draw a Pumpkin Easy?

First, create a circle. Then draw two dots, one at the top and one at the bottom. The next step is to triple-connect the dots. Draw two curved lines at the top. Then  Connect the two lines with a circle and draw a wavy line representing the vine. Following this simple step can help you to draw a pumpkin easily.