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Wood texture is useful for different projects. The web designers and the graphic designers are applying these pictures to make the plans authentic. And, as photo editing is becoming a necessity day by day. That’s why every sector of online media is trying to be more productive. And, the wooden textures are giving many scopes to manipulate the photos. A texture implementation makes an image look more authentic.

Wood texture intro 1
Wood texture

Moreover, the editors apply wood textures to add depth to the photos. You can apply those designs to different objectives. Wood textures are applicable to every type of photo. And, it makes the image visually more impressive. However, you can also draw wood textures on paper. So, how to make a wood texture with a pencil? You need to observe the wood and be patient while drawing the line with a pencil. But, using a wood texture for Photoshop is a different thing.

Brief On Wood Texture Websites

Wood textures are the representation of the alignment of the wood grains. You can define it as the feeling of the wood. The rough surface is designated as the coarse texture while the smooth one is the fine texture. And, for the image manipulation techniques, the wood texture Photoshop brush plays a vital part. The editors create a dramatic effect by applying wooden textures.

And, to get a wood texture picture, here you will find different websites. Some of them may provide high-quality textures free of cost. You can simply download it and imply it to your undertakings. While some of the websites offer a paid membership for getting the textures from them. In this article, I’ve surfaced websites where you can download the textures freely.

16 Free Websites To Download The Wood Texture

Wood texture is effective to create top-notch dramatic designs. The uniformity of the texture is important to get an eye-catchy look. The professional photographers and the editors combined create amazing-looking images. That’s why getting those textures for particular projects seem a bit costly. But, here I have listed the 16 best sites where you can get the best quality free wooden textures.

Wood texture at textures.com 

Textures.com is a popular website for all sorts of free wood textures. They offer an ample quantity of textures of different categories. Here, you will get the required textures free of cost. Moreover, you will find the textures of fine wood, stripped bark, palm, pine, and so on. They provide a great number of pictures.

Wood texture
Wood texture

So, you will get all the categories in the same place. They offer in excess of 300 excellent wood surfaces. Also, this website offers both free and membership plans. Here, the free arrangement grants 15 downloads each day. And, if you want more pictures in a day, you need to get the premium plan.

Pexels wood texture

Pexels is providing royalty-free for almost every category. You can use their images anywhere, you need to use them. However, you can use this website for getting free good textures. Wood texture 3d frames are also available here in a large amount.

Wood texture

Well, there is a little limitation with available designs. Which sometimes may not be great that you are searching. Again, they provide legal copyright photos. Moreover, you can use this website for building your brand.


FixThePhoto is a leading image editing service provider. However, they also provide royalty-free texture for Photoshop. So, your Photoshop wood texture download process will be much easier with them. They offer over 230 wood textures fitting different themes and photos.

Wood texture

Moreover, their collection will astonish you. A high-quality illustration can help you to perform your task accurately. Thus, you will get amazing effects for posters, ads, and billboards. And also, you can manipulate the images according to the demands. Here, you will find a unique background designed with brown color. Furthermore, there are some black-and-white options too.


Unsplash.com provides a large number of free wood textures. You can apply to this website to make every project professional. Here, you will get an ample number of options to choose the right texture for your company. They offer different categories of wooden textures such as Brown Wood Slab, Brown Wooden Board, Brown Parquet Board, etc.

Wood texture unsplash
Wood texture

What’s more, these eminence-free photographs you can use for both business and individual purposes. Their high-quality pictures are completely free. They provide more than two million royalty-free pictures.


Editors all over the world are using this website for perfect-looking wood textures. They offer 50+ unique designs. You can download those images and apply them to your projects. They offer various categories of pictures.

Wood texture hongkiat
Wood texture

They provide high-quality designs of Retro Decorative Backdrop, Wood Grain Plank Texture,  Dark Wooden Backgrounds, and so on. You will get magical effects on those photos. Their royalty-free pictures are suited for all purposes.


freepik.com provides 1900+ wood texturing of different categories. You can freely download them to use on your projects. Also, they offer top-quality pictures. Here, you will get the desired picture that you were searching for in your business. Also, these photos are adjustable as indicated by the necessities of the venture.

Wood texture freepik
Wood texture

Also, they offer a paid membership to get the key to all the resources of the website. You should be cautious about really looking at the free permit of the surface from the sidebar. They cover almost every category of wooden texture including Timber Interior Texture, Brown Wooden Flooring, Clapboard Wall, etc.


FreeStockTextures offers wood texture Photoshop free download without any condition. They are a developing site and making their photos more impressive day by day. And, I am satisfied with their pictures. I hope you also find this website effective for getting the required wooden texture. Also, the wood textures are truly impressive and you can apply those to your projects.

Wood texture free stock textures
Wood texture

Their unique textures are perfect for every type of photo. Moreover, these customizable textures are effective for image manipulation techniques. Their photos include Round Wood Tree Trunks, Knotted Plywood, Brown Wooden Planks, Forest Nature Bark Texture, and many more. They may have some limitations but they doing a great job with this site.


Pixabay.com offers high-resolution pictures. And, those images are completely free to use for both personal and business objectives. Here, you will get 4500+ amazing wood textures. They are of a variety of categories. You will get different wooden textures like Wood Tree Spruce Picea Conifer, Wood Board Texture, Wood Tree Log Texture, Texture Wood Grain, etc.

Wood texture pixabay
Wood texture

So, you just need to choose the one perfect for your project. And, the most important fact of this site is the number of textures they offer. You will get almost every category of pictures here.


rawpixel.com provides over 500 unique wood textures. Here, you will get a top-quality wood texture Photoshop idea for your business. The textures of these sites are different from the abovementioned sites. Because these sites have the highest-resolution picture. Moreover, they offer customizable pictures for the business. You can freely download those pictures and customize them according to your requirements.

Wood texture raw pixel
Wood texture

The best editors are using the textures of these sites to make their images worthful. You can utilize this site to make your photographs special and real. They offer Rustic Brownish Wooden Texture, Grungy Wooden Flooring Textured Background, Pale Gray Wooden Textured Flooring, Wooden Floorboard Texture and so many other best-quality pictures.


vecteezy.com provides different categories of wood textures depending on the terms of the licenses. In this way, you must be more careful while utilizing them. Here, you will get a free license, pro licenses, and editorial-use pictures. And, the royalty-free pictures are compatible with every photo.

Wood texture vecteezy
Wood texture

However, this site contains high-quality wooden textures. You can successfully customize those textures for your projects. The  Realistic Vector Gray Hardwood Planks Background, White Wood Background, old wood texture Photoshop, Woodgrain Background, etc are the best textures of this site.


textures4photoshop.com is another leading wooden texture provider. They also offer plenty of free textures of different categories. But, they are most popular for wooden textures. The top best editors of this realm are applying these textures to make their photos flawless and elegant. 

Wood texture textures4photoshop
Wood texture

They provide Weathered Wood Floor Textures, Wood Stick Textures, Burnt Wood Textures, Engraved Wood Textures, Dark Wooden Textures, Bamboo Wall Textures, and many more amazing textures. People rush to this site for the perfect wooden textures for their projects. You can use those free photos for personal and commercial purposes.


You can apply the wood textures of this site for any of the creative projects. They offer 27+ free wood texture packs. Thus, you save time. And, it will boost your projects by implementing a natural look. Here, you will get Cracked Wood Textures, Seamless Wood Textures, Curved Raw Wood, Wood Paint Textures, and many more.

Wood texture inscribemag
Wood texture

So, choose a suitable one for your projects and make it authentic. Moreover, this site provides some vintage categories. They can help you turn your projects into a masterpiece.


They have over 500 wood textures. Also, they provide a variety of top-class categories. Dark Wood Textures, Seamless Wood Textures, Grungy Wood Textures, Oak Wood Textures, Teak Wood Textures, and Pine Wood Textures are the main categories of this site. Regardless of the sort of venture, you can apply those for each reason. They give a characteristic-looking surface. customizable and free.

Free creatives
Wood texture

Furthermore, they provide unlimited downloads at a time. If the object is to generate unique designs. you can use their textures. And, this site is fully secure and widely used for free textures. So, you can get eye-catching photos for your company by applying these natural-looking textures. And, this texture will help you leave an impact on the viewer’s eye. Get these high-resolution pictures and you can also use these as a background.


psd-dude.com provides over 100+ free wooden textures. Their authentic texture is compatible with any type of image manipulation service. Here, you can freely download wood textures for Photoshop. Their top-quality pictures are available for commercial purposes.

 Psd dude
Wood texture

Also, you can apply these textures to the desktop background. And, they tend to provide textures of almost every kind and need. Their textures are applicable to 2D and 3D designs. They offer the following categories of wooden textures. 

  • Dark Wood 
  • Parquet Oak Wood
  • Painted Wood
  • Ruined Wood
  • Polished Wood
  • Rustic Wood
  • Blue Wood Background Texture
  • Flooring Dark Wood Texture Seamless

Texture Gallery

They also provide top-quality wooden textures. The best portion of their services is the resolution. I’m truly happy with the kind of surfaces they give. Hopefully, they will enrich their collection for the editors.

Wood texture

The customizable textures are efficient for all of the image manipulation techniques. They offer the following services.

  • Black American Walnut with Cathedrals 
  • Woods Master Collection Rustic 
  • Rough-Hewn Elm
  • Wire Brushed Elm with Hangup 
  • Light Knotty Oak 
  • Figured Spalted Maple 
  • Modern Grey Cathedral Oak 
  • Weathered Oak Planks
  • Reclaimed Painted Grey Pine 
  • Reclaimed Weathered Pine

Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design offers more than 45 royalty-free wood textures. The purpose of your image editing may get a new dimension with these textures. Their natural-looking textures can make your project authentic.

Vandelay Design
Wood texture

Yet, I would propose you read the licenses prior to continuing with the downloading system. You can apply these textures for professional image editing purposes.


Wood texture Photoshop free download allows getting the best quality picture without spending a penny. We all know the importance of wood textures in making a photograph eye-catching. And, those websites offer you the textures that you need for your business. You can apply those textures in Photoshop quite conveniently. But, if you can, you should get the paid membership to honor the designer for these amazing textures.

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Where to download textures for Photoshop?

Textures are significant in getting quality pictures. The editors apply wooden textures to make the image look eye-catching. And, you will find different websites to download the textures for Photoshop. But, if you are searching for free textures, you can take a look at the following sites.

  1. textures.com 
  2. Pexels 
  3. unsplash.com  
  4. hongkiat.com 
  5. freestocktextures.com 
  6. pixabay.com

What is the texture of plywood?

The plywood texture photoshop is effective to get outstanding photos. The natural-looking wood texture helps in making an image impressive. Be that as it may, here you will track down various kinds of plywood surfaces. Choose the one best for that particular project to manipulate it accurately.

Does Photoshop have free textures?

Yes, you will get several free Photoshop texture brushes in the creative cloud market. You can enrich the visibility of the photos by applying those brushes. Furthermore, in the event, you will gain admittance to every one of the brushes and different instruments.

How do I get more textures in Photoshop?

You can download adaptable surfaces for Photoshop. Furthermore, you really want to look for websites that provide Photoshop textures. Here, you can get those textures by paying for them. Also, you will get several websites that provide free textures for Photoshop.