Make White Skin Black in Photoshop

White skin black in Photoshop? Yes. Hi there. Today we will learn one less important but technical editing of the human photograph. As you have already seen the title it is not important to repeat it. It also includes how to change skin color in Photoshop CC. The important part is, how we can do it with less effort and perfectly. Everybody wants the skin to be brightened but have you noticed that dark skin tones are often more natural. And, this is going to be interesting in learning to darken skin tone Photoshop. So, without any further speech, let’s begin.

There are different kinds of skin tones in the world. The White, the Black, the burned, the reddish, etc., and much more. Each of them is in a variety of tone differences. As a matter of fact, skin color does not represent beauty in outlook. It depends on impurity-free skin and facial & physical construction. You can also learn, how to get brown skin tones in photoshop. However, it is said by the analysts that, darker skins are rich to adapt to the weather and climate easily.

Conditions for Photo Editing Process

There are no such conditions that we need to maintain for the procedure. You can change the skin tone as you like with the process. You can get make a skin darker app online. The only thing you need to remember that, you should not exaggerate darkening the skin tone. That may look like a ghost or unreal. Feel free with the editing and try to achieve the best you can. The opposite of the process is how to change skin color from black to white.

Punch Line: Editing of the photographs that you want the skin dark

Editing Process

The process is the way by which you can do the thing you want. We do not find any good reason for making white skin black processes. So, why are we discussing the process? That is because there are several ways to do the job in a natural way. We may not go for all of them. But we will go through easy and effective ones. With this, you can also learn how to tan skin in photoshop.

  1. Using Blend Mode
  2. By Curves Adjustment Layers
  3. Adding Levels Adjustment Layers
  4. Blending Solid Color Adjustment Layer
  5. With Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer
  6. Multiple Adjustments Together

Using Blend Mode (White skin black)

The use of Blend mode is the easiest and convenient one. It is good for most of the images that are not too bright. Even the brightest one may be edited with the process but will not be up to a satisfactory level. You may require more adjustments addition that will not keep the uniqueness.


Sample Image (White skin black)
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Image Source:

Here we are taking a photograph of a cute girl child in white skin. For the procedure, we have opened the image in Photoshop and made a copy. We are naming it ‘Blended’. Selecting the Blended layer we are changing the Blend Mode Normal to Multiply. And, this gives the image a dark shade. But the dark shade affected the whole image. So we are taking a mask in the Blended layer and use Ctrl+I for Win or Command+I for Mac to invert the selection.


Blend Mode and Mask
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Selecting the Mask we will use the soft round brush. For the image, we are using the ‘Blend Mode’ Normal, Opacity 100% and Flow around 20%. With the foreground color ‘White’ we are brushing over the visible skin area only. We are not brushing over the eyes because we want them bright. You can also leave the lips area but we are not doing that. The photograph of the girl looks naturally black. You can also copy the Blended layer to make the effect more black. Photoshop skin black transformation is amazing, isn’t it?

Brush over mask
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We are happy with the first blending and here is the final result.

Final result (White skin black)
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By Curves Adjustment Layers (White skin black)

Adobe Photoshop has an amazing feature that is the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer. With this one, you can adjust the brightness, darkness as well as color and get your desired shade. Open and image in Photoshop and copy the background layer with the convenient way you want.

Sample image for Curves adjustment layer (White skin black)
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Image Source:

Add a Curves Adjustment Layer and move the line a little. Move the darker portion a little right and the brighter portion a little down. You will get dark shade all over the image. Select the ‘Mask’ from the Curves Adjustment Layer and use Ctrl+I for Win and Command+I for Mac to invert the selection. With the foreground color White and low Flow around 20%, brush over the skin area only. If you made a mistake and brushed over the other areas, no problem. Take the foreground color Black and brush on them. To change the foreground color use the keyboard key ‘X’ to toggle between Black and White. If the colors are different, use keyboard key ‘D’ for default colors that are Black and White.

Apply Curves level and Mask
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Well, this time too, do not brush over the eyes because they are good as original ones. Check out the final image. The background of the image is as before only the skin color is dark. Also, this is another process of black skin tones in Photoshop.

Final output (White skin black)
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Adding Levels Adjustment Layers (White skin black)

We have gone far enough to mention each and every step in detail. So we will go in brief from now on. With the image opened in Photoshop, we have copied the background and added a Levels Adjustment Layer.

Levels adjustment layer (White skin black)
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Image Source:

We have changed both the adjustment bars a little (See below image) and stopped at the point when satisfied. Then we have selected the ‘Mask’ and inverted it. With the soft round brush and low Flow, we have brushed over the face area only. Make sure the foreground color is White and blend mode is normal. Leave the eye area as before.

Brush over Mask
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We have completed the job. Save the image to any format you need. But, keep a copy saved in the ‘PSD’ format. Because, if you want to change anything in the image or inside the process, you do not need to do them all over again.

Final image (White skin black)
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Blending Solid Color Adjustment Layer (White skin black)

Blending solid color sample image (White skin black)
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Image Source:

Another option of Blend mode but a little different. Here, we use a solid color darker tone. With the image open and copy the background, we are adding a Solid Color Adjustment Layer. The image we are using may require two layers of this. Let’s choose a darker shade and select the Mask. Ctrl+I for Win or command+I for Mac to invert the Mask. Brush over the skin with the soft round brush in low flow. The face is revealed in dark.

Color layer, Mask, brushing
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For the image, we are copying the Solid Color Adjustment Layer with the mask to make the skin tone even darker. The background is fine, the skin tone is dark, and still a beautiful little girl.

Double color layer
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With Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer (White skin black)

Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer sample image (White skin black)
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Image Source:

The brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer is no different than the above ones. The main goal is to darken the image then mask it. With the image copy, we are using a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer and move the slider for contrast all the way to the right. As for the brightness, we are moving it to a little left (see below image). And, this makes the whole image darker. With the inverted mask, we are brushing over the skin only to get the dark tone. The skin reveals natural black and the background is as it was before.

Tuning and Mask & brushing
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Multiple Adjustments Together (White skin black)

In this, we need to add several darkening methods to make the skin black. Generally, we do not need to apply multiple ways for skin darkening but this is an option. You can apply more if you want. Just make sure the natural beauty stays attractive. Do not exaggerate any settings or you may lose the perfection.

Multiple adjustment layer sample image (White skin black)
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Image Source: pixabay

For the procedure, we are taking an image of a little white girl. Loading the image in Photoshop, we are using the Blend Mode ‘Multiply’. To do that, we are copying the image and selecting the copy layer, we are changing the Blend Mode from normal to multiply. By pressing and holding the Alt for Win or Option for Mac we are taking a mask. With the Alt or Option, the Mask is added in inverse. With the soft round brush and foreground color white, we are brushing over the skin area only.

Blend Mode
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Next, we are taking a Levels Adjustment Layer and change the settings a little bit. We will not make the image dark enough otherwise it may not look good. As for the Mask, we will copy the mask from the layer below. To do so, press and hold Alt for Win or Option for Mac and click and drag the masking from one layer to another.

Levels adjustment layer
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Now we are adding a Curves Adjustment Layer and adjust the settings a little darker. As before we are copying the mask from the layer below.

Curves adjustment layer (White skin black)
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The way to apply multiple adjustment layers together in one image is explained above. We have shown you some of the adjustments. You can apply other options as well that suit the image.

Punch Line: Darkening the skin with several processes for a natural look

Turning white skin into black is a Photoshop editing process to apply to the photographs only. You will see no resemblance to the real world with the change. How to edit dark skin in photoshop? The process is a little further.  The Almighty Creator has created every single creation the most beautiful and unique. Skin is just the outer color. The real beauty lies within the mind.


What does white skin into black mean?

Ans: You will see several types of skin tones in the world. White skin and black skin are the most known to us. The Photoshop editing to make the white-colored skin to dark is called white skin into black. The procedure is not to underestimate anyone. Instead, this is the art of Photoshop.

How to make white skin black in Photoshop?

Ans: Several ways you can follow to make the skin dark in Photoshop. The options you can use are the Blend Mode, Curves adjustment layer, Levels adjustment layer, Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, etc., and much more. By changing the settings a little bit and adding the inverted mask, you can make white skin black.

What is the necessity to make white skin black?

Ans: Making the white skin into black is an editing option. The main purpose is to match the subject with the background or the characters present. The main theme is not for creating a discrepancy between human beings. You can use it anywhere you want. Make sure you do it for good.

How long does it take to make white skin black?

Ans: The procedure does not take long for the skin only. As a matter of fact, you can do the job within a minute. But if you want to match the skin tone with the background to create a great combination, it may require enough time.

Does it worth making white skin black?

Ans: Well, this is a conditional matter whether it worth it or not. In some situations the editing procedure worth more than anything. Sometimes it is not mandatory but gives an extra touch.

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