Shoe Photo Editing for E-commerce Business

Shoe photo editing service is one of the most demanded editing services in the e-commerce business. The digital revolution has made us experience things we never did before. Shifting every little business to the online platform is one of those. Well, it happened because people are spending more time buying online. Now people buy everything online. To attract a large flow of customers online, you have to set online bait. That is the captivating product image.

As far as shoes are concerned, presenting a charming photo of this becomes more crucial. Because shoes are a part of elegance, people show their personality, social standard, and status by footwear. So, while showcasing the photos of shoes online, it must be polished and attractive. To make it happen, the e-commerce businesses knock on the door of image editors for photo editing for shoes. In today’s article, I will discuss the types of shoe photo editing and its benefits. Let’s get started.

If you are the owner of an e-commerce store or a professional photographer, you have to know about the Ecommerce Photography Studio. If your studio is not perfect, you can not capture appealing images. Without appealing images, you can not grow your e-commerce business. As a Professional photographer, you can’t scale your career without having a good studio.

In this guide, we will discuss the Professional eCommerce Photography Studio. Also, we include different parts of e-commerce photography and post-production of those photos.

E-commerce Product Photography Workflow:

  1. Set up a dedicated photo studio with proper lighting.
  2. Arrange your e-commerce products and prepare for photography.
  3. To capture the best photos, choose the right camera and lens.
  4. Use a tripod to stabilize the camera.
  5. Adjust the camera setting manually to get the best result.
  6. Shoot from different angles, and compare which one is best.
  7. Now send your best RAW files for post-processing.
  8. Use Adobe Photoshop or LightRoom for editing.
  9. After post-processing your e-commerce product images, You have to save them on your computer.
  10. Now your images are ready to upload on your e-commerce website, stores, or social media.

Types of Shoe Photo Editing:

Shoe photo editing enhances images with brightness, color correction, and background removal. Techniques like shadow addition, retouching, and cropping refine appearance.

The advanced method of shoe photo editing includes:

  • HDR editing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Logo integration, etc.

Benefits of Shoe Photo Editing for E-commerce:

Shoe photo editing for e-commerce brings five key benefits. Firstly, it enhances product visibility, making items stand out. Secondly, it ensures a consistent and professional look across images. Thirdly, it boosts customer confidence by presenting shoes in their best light. Fourthly, it improves the overall visual appeal, attracting more buyers. Lastly, it helps create a brand identity through cohesive and appealing visuals.

Types of shoe photo editing

Who doesn’t want to grab the opportunity of doing online business? Well, everyone does. But you have to do it following certain rules. The e-commerce sites provide some guidelines about uploading product photos on their sites. Shoe photos are not out of this condition. Footwear businesses have to go through a photo editing process to upload photos online.

However, they require different shoe photo editing. If you do not implement this editing on your shoe image, you may not publish photos online. The process may include background removal and replacing, cropping, straightening, resizing, conducting shadow effects, etc. Here you will get the types of show image editing available.

Clipping paths and background removal

Clipping paths and background removal Services
Clipping paths and background removal of shoe

You cannot complete the discussion of any image editing without mentioning this. Shoe photo editing also largely depends on this. One of the most common editing methods is clipping paths. Photo editors use the photoshop pen tool to perform a pixel-perfect selection. The intention is to accomplish background removal services. Unless you remove the background, your subject will not be in focus.

Shadow Creation

Shoe Shadow Creation
Shoe Photo Editing

To give a natural look to the shoes, you have to create a shadow. Creating an artificial shadow is a part of the drop shadow service. In the e-commerce industry, everyone admits the importance of this task. Besides making shoe photos realistic, it also makes photos look pretty.

Cropping and Resizing (Shoe photo editing service)

Cropping and Resizing (Shoe photo editing service)

one of the most fundamental image editing is cropping and resizing. Cropping is the best way to remove any unwanted objects around the subject. To improve the visual look of shoes, you need an accurately-centered image. You don’t need to be an expert to do this. But you have to understand the image size, resolution, and site requirements. However, you can take the help of an expert to do this meticulously.

Image Retouching for Shoe photo editing service

Image Retouching (Shoe photo editing service)
Image Retouching (Shoe photo editing service)

Shoe photo retouching service is a vital part. Sometimes we find an unwanted spot, dirt, filler, etc., on the photo. To remove that from the photo image retouching service is the best way. A slight retouching can make your photo look better. The photos will be more appealing to the customers. High-end photo retouching services are there to implement this.

Alignment Adjustment

Image Alignment Adjustment
Shoe Photo Editing

Almost every photographer makes the mistake of the wrong alignment. They don’t bother about it. Because they know the owner is going to edit the photos. Usually, we tend to like straight-lined shoe photos. If there are any odd angles, you have to straighten that and make it look natural.

Color Correction:

Image Color Correction
Shoe Photo Editing

Like any other e-commerce image editing, shoe photo editing also includes color correction services. While taking shoe photos, there might be too many flashlights. The reflection of the flashlight causes a change of color. In that case, you need color correction services.

Wrinkles and Scratches Fixing:

Wrinkles and Scratches Fixing
Photo Editing of shoes

Even after taking care of everything, photographers cannot take the best photo at the first attempt. For this reason, there is a term called post-production. The post-production segment comprises many steps. Removing wrinkles and fixing the scratches are an integral part of post-production.

Balancing brightness and contrast

another basic but important image editing is brightness and contrast-enhancing. Digital image editing has made it easier for designers to come up with a range of editing. If the brightness and contrast are not well-balanced, the photos look too white. The temperature seems too high. And this is not good for the quality. For this, the shoe image looks ugly. So the image editors keep a balance between the brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Too much sharpness affects the pixels of the photo as well. To produce a better quality photo balancing these factors is very crucial.

Besides these major editing methods, you will find many other editing applied in shoe photos. Image masking and image manipulation are two of them. However, let’s move onto the benefits of editing pictures of shoes for webshops.

Benefits of shoe photo editing

Though many people think that photoshop destroys any image’s real look, the world has accepted this software with a warm heart. The reason is clear. The software adds value to the photo that matters and brings lots of advantages. Well, the benefits are pretty much like the benefits of e-commerce product photo editing. But here, we will focus only on shoe photos. We all will agree that the ultimate target of editing any photo is to draw the clients’ attention. By gaining attention, the businesses try to improve the overall condition of their sales. Here I have accumulated some major benefits of editing shoe photos.

Boost sales

In online business, visualization is the most important thing. The whole business mostly relies on visual presentation. As far as shoe sales are concerned, there is no alternative to the best visuals. You attract customers using shoe photos. If your photos are not charming, they cannot impress them. The first impression is the last. If you can amaze the clients with stunning shoe photos, it will increase sales. Every visitor is a potential buyer. And the best way to convert the potential buyer into a real buyer is to impress them with good looking shoe photos. Only by this can you increase sales.

Gain trust

Gaining trust is not easy in business. Sometimes it takes years of effort to gain trust. Edited shoe photos can earn your client’s trust. You can achieve the loyalty of the customers. Consumers become loyal to any particular company after getting the best services regularly. The first step towards gaining that trust is showing the best shoe. As a result, the customers will start trusting your brand and the products you offer.

Increase traffic

Just think from your perspective. What do you do when you see a shoe picture online? The answer is simple. Whatever you will do will depend on the quality of the picture. If it is a good photo, you will click on it to see the details of it. You will be eager to know the price, brand name, and so on. What does this mean? Well, it means traffic visits a website only when they see quality photos.

However, as I am talking about shoe photos, it becomes more crucial. The whole day the clients see thousands of ads online. So, it is not easy to impress clients. You can do that only if you show them extraordinary shoe photos. When they see that, they will come and visit your website. Thus well-edited pictures contribute to the increase in web traffic.

Increase ROI

Well, the benefits are inter-connected. If one thing happens only, then the other benefit comes. The business owners invest in the business, intending to gain a return on the investment. If there is no good investment return, it is of no use to invest so much money. The intention is to earn as much money as you can. When you upload good looking shoe photos, that will attract more people. Those people will visit your website and order shoes. And finally, it will greatly impact the increase of return on investment: the more sales, the more revenue.

The discussion may go one. Why you chose a remote photo editor? The benefits of shoe photo editing are too many. So, now let’s try to dig out who needs these editing services.

The main clients of shoe photo editing are listed below.

  • Footwear Manufacturers

The footwear producer needs editing to sell the shoes to the primary market. They don’t directly show their products. Rather they show shoe images as a sample to the buyers.

  • Footwear Companies/Brands

They create brands, so they need unique shoe images. Without good looking photos, it is tough for them to build a brand image. And making unique shoe photos is the duty of image editors.

  • Magazine and Catalogs Publishers

They are helpless without stunning images. The magazine and catalog publishers mainly depend on images to conduct business.

  • Footwear Product Photographers

Many photographers take orders to do the whole process of photography. But they do not get enough time to edit. Moreover, not all photographers have editing skills. So they also crave shoe photo editing service.

  • Footwear Retail Online Stores

well, this requires no explanations. Footwear retailers attract customers with amazing photos. They are dependent on image editing services.

Why is Clipping World one of the top service providers in shoe photo editing?

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  • 24/7 support

Clipping World has a proactive support team working day and night to listen to customers.

Clipping World brings some unique criteria to the table, which is not very common. For this reason, Clipping World has reached a unique position in the graphics industry.

Final Verdict

In the end, I would say that shoe photo editing is not very different from e-commerce product photo editing. The terms are just general and specific. So, the benefits and types are almost similar to each other. But the shoe business has a unique place when it comes to editing shoe images. Because some edits apply only to this industry, you can make a great profit keeping that idea in mind.