How to Perfectly Swap Body in Photoshop

Swap Body in Photoshop | Beginners’ Tutorial

Swap body in Photoshop is an image editing process that allows you to change the subject body with another one. Welcome to today’s blog. In this tutorial, we will learn one beautiful trick to make your photograph stunning and attractive. Previously we learned the face swap auto blend layers function.

The procedure was the easiest and most convenient. Unlike that one, the body swap is a much more complicated process. So, how do photoshop ahead onto another body? Go through the end with us to have a clear concept of body swapping. The editing is relevant to image manipulation and image masking but enhanced.

How to photoshop ahead onto another body?” The procedure is only applicable to your photographs of yours. This is good to make a concept, “How you would expect your fitness to be”? You can transform yourself into someone more attractive in your body but the real truth lies under your serious workout.

Follow the steps properly to learn the process and you will have as you want in images. As you go through the steps, check the layers panel for an understanding of the procedure. This is not a cut-and-paste face Photoshop action.

Conditions Should Match Both Subjects

Several conditions need to match in both images. Without the match, you will never achieve a satisfactory result. You can work hard to do the job well but there is no use. Only one of the following conditions, skin tone, that you can adjust but with hard labor. For convenience, maintain the conditions and you are good to go.

  • The most important one is the angle. Make sure both the subjects of the photographs are of the same or similar angle. For example, if one image’s face is straight and the body of another image is not straight, that is not possible most of the time. It may favor in some cases like the face is turned from the body to an angle, it may be possible to match.
  • Both images should have the same or similar lighting conditions. Make sure, this you can maintain it exactly as explained. Otherwise, your final output will be a disaster. Well, if it is a matter of lighting condition from left or right, you can just flip the image and it is right. Just make sure the light angle is from the same side for both images while editing.
  • The skin tone of both images should be the same or similar. If they are the same then you do not need to match both the subjects. If similar, you may need to adjust a little to get the expected result.
  • The resolution of both images should be similar. Though it is not applicable for little differences, you must take care of it for the best results.

Swap Body in Photoshop Editing Process

There are some parts of the editing process of a body swap. That also is swap head meaning. We will go through the common steps that are required the most for perfect swapping. Some of them we are describing in brief but depending on the images’ complexity, you may repeat.

  1. Program for Editing
  2. Opening the Images for the Body Swap
  3. Select the Body and the Head
  4. Copy Head to Another Image
  5. Place the Head in Position
  6. Fill the Head Part with Background
  7. Applying Image Masking
  8. Adding Curves Adjustment Layers
  9. Match the Tones
  10. Save the files.

As already informed by the subject we are using Adobe Photoshop, the most renowned of all. Adobe Corporation is the oldest and richest with the tools and utilities. You can do whatever you want with the image.

From simple transformations to complex ones, no other programs are comparing this. You may find other ones on the web but this is the best declared by most graphic designers. We are using Photoshop  CC2019 to perform how to do a head swap in Photoshop elements.

Photoshop program for editing
Photoshop  CC2019

Opening the Images for the Body Swap

Open both images in Photoshop CC2019 in separate windows. Follow the conditions of the images and compare them side by side. If they are not similar, abort for the next steps. Grab another one that is similar to each other.

impress other by Swaping body in Photoshop)
Open the raw files in Photoshop

Select the Body and the Head

For this project, we are using a face with a simple outlook and a body with six packs. We have taken the images from Pixabay, one of the rich open-source image sites in the world. Well, this is for reference purposes only. But, choose your images according to your will.

Select the Head with a convenient tool you like, such as the Pen Tool, Quick Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, etc., and copy it to another layer. Press Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for Mac to make a copy. Then, use the Clipping Path service or Background eraser tool for the operation. We are using the Quick Selection Tool for convenience.

body swap tutorial
Cut Out the image from the Background

Copy Head to Another Image

We select the head of an image and place it on another one in proper rotation. You can copy with Ctrl+C for Win or Command+C for Mac and paste with Ctrl+V for Win or Command+V for Mac. You can also click and drag the Head layer to another image and drop it over. This way we will also learn how to swap faces in Photoshop.

Copying the head over another image
Place the Head to Another Body in Photoshop

Place the Head in Position

To place the head properly, we have decreased the opacity to 50%. After placing we have increased the opacity again to 100%. You can change the Head layer into a smart object so that it does not pixelate during resizing. You may need to make it bigger and smaller a couple of times to get the proper match.

Placing the head (Swap body in Photoshop)
Place the Head in Position in Photoshop

Fill the Head Part with Background

Hide the Head layer and select the Background layer. Press Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for Mac to make a copy of the Background layer. Rename the layer ‘Body’ and rename the Head layer as ‘Head’. Select the Body layer and use the lasso tool or any other tool to select the head only.

Go to Edit then Content-Aware Fill, click on that, and wait until Photoshop calculates to fill the area. We are doing this because the head of the body takes more space than the head we want to place here. Besides, this process also gives some extra facilities to match the head to the body.

Content-Aware fill (Swap body in Photoshop)
Fill the Head Part with a Background in Photoshop

We will press Ctrl+D for Win or Command+D for Mac to deselect. We are using the Clone Stamp Tool in some areas where the background of the subject looks unreal. This is to hide the areas for some time.

Cloning some areas
Fill the Head Part with a Background in Photoshop

From time to time we have made the Head layer visible and hidden to create a better position.

Applying Image Masking

Now we are going to add a Mask. This is a complex combination with a busy background so the editing procedure is a little bit hard. With the Head layer visible and selected, we will click on the mask.

Masking the head layer (Swap body in Photoshop)
Applying Image Masking in Photoshop

We are using the soft round brush and the foreground color is black. We are brushing over the areas that we want to reveal. Seal the below image. Make sure the brushing conditions such as Blend Mode are Normal, Opacity at 65% or closer, and Flow at 50%. The reason for the settings is when you brush on the mask it will not have a harsh effect.

Brushing over mask
Applying Image Masking to match the head

Adding Curves Adjustment Layers

Let’s add a Curves Adjustment layer and brighten it up a little. Put the layer at the top. Press and hold Alt for Win or Option for Mac and click between Curves and Head layers. This will make changes only to the Head layer. You can also combine the Curves layer by clicking the circled button on the below image that indicates between two layers.

Using Curves adjustment layer
Adding Curves Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

Let’s create another Curves Adjustment Layer and we will darken up a little. Also, we will select the mask and press Ctrl+I for Win or Command+I for Mac to select inverse. We will use the soft round brush with an Opacity of about 40% and Flow of around 10%.

Make sure the foreground color is white. We are brushing over the dark side of the face following the body to create a shadow. Do not forget to apply this only for the Head layer. Press and hold Alt for Win or Option for Mac and click between Curves layers.

2nd Curves adjustment layer in photoshop
Curves Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

Now we will repeat the process one more time. You may have a question, “Why so many Curves Adjustment Layers in the project”? This is because, if we try to apply all the changes in one, it may look unreal. Adding enough Curves can minimize the harshness that gives a natural look in the final output.

3rd Curves adjustment layer
Curves Adjustment to Body Swap in Photoshop

Match the Tones

Body and Head skin tones must match each other. Or else the composition will fail. First, we are taking the Eye-dropper Tool and picking a color from the Body layer.

Then we will select the Head layer. Taking the soft brush with low Opacity and very low Flow, we will brush over the face. This will help to match the Head tone with the body. And, this step is a sort of Photo Retouching Service.

how to do Swap body in Photoshop
Match the head to body in Photoshop

Save the Files

After completing all of them we will save the image. Go to File and select Save As. The default format will be ‘PSD’. Save the file in the format for backup so that you can change or modify it anytime you need. You can also select any format you require by the same procedure. The final result is as below.

Swap body in Photoshop
The body Swap image is done to save the file

The swap body in the Photoshop process is a kind of editing. There is no resemblance to real-life actions. This tutorial is to help the body enhancement by duplicating. You can surprise your friends and family just for fun. You can also motivate yourself by placing a muscular body in the image.

If you can do it properly, you can make everyone believe that this is real. Still, there is another question. “How to photoshop a face onto another body without Photoshop?” Well, that is another tutorial and we will discuss that some other time.

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FAQ About Swap Body in Photoshop

Question: What is a Body Swap?

Ans: Body Swap is a photo editing technique to change the body of one image on purpose. This is not real but with the correct editing, you can make an impression.

Question: How to Body Swap in Photoshop?

Ans: In order to swap the body, you need to have a body image with a similar outlook and tone. Take the body layer under the head layer, add masks, add curves, and some editing techniques. Use your imagination and expertise and you are all good.

Question: How Body Swap can help to gain an impression?

Ans: The body Swap procedure is to create virtual health in photographs. Though it is not good in real life, has an appealing outlook. It makes a better impression on the image to gain a surprising impression.

Question: Where can I get Body Swap professional service?

Ans: There are lots of websites for photo editing services. All are not good in real. Check out their free trials to get the best out of all. We recommend Clipping World at your service for satisfactory and well-finished editing.

Question: What about the cost of the Body Swap service?

Ans: As the editing is creative work, it is hard to mention the price without seeing the project. Clipping World offers industry-bottom prices and negotiable options depending on quantity. Get the free trial then decide to place an order.